Timeline of the Grey Dragon World

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From the author of “True Deep Histories”, Anderf Blastlon (NPC), comes the deepest of all dives in true histories. Following is an excerpt from his newest book “Timeline of the Grey Dragon world”

Quote from the author: “The <Timeline of the Grey Dragon World> is the truth about my world. All other histories are not scientific in the true historians’ way. You can buy your signed copy of the tome from the main library of Wizardland.”


The Forming Era – The deepest past more than 2.000.000 years Before the fall of the Egg (B.EGG)

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
Similar to the  Hadean, Archean, Cryogenian and Ediacaran Era.


The Plant Era – From 2.000.000 to 400.000 B.EGGTimeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World

Similar to the SilurianDevonian, Carboniferous periods.  Heavy canopy of jungles, almost eternal trees cover all landsand in the seas you have floating continents of plant algae. Very limited animal life, and extensive fungal forests.


The Dinosaur Era – From 400.000 to 50.000 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
The evolution of small lizards into dinosaurs with all kinds of diversity is here. Most of them are plant eaters with ample supplies of plants to eat. So ample that they could share with other beings…


The First Time of Humans – From 50.000 to 32.000 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
Along side dinoes, and closer to the mountainous regions an Ape spawned tribes. With bigger brains came the evolution of cavemen and the revolution of fire. BeastMen are an almost unchanged chain from this early man, and they can be found in modern GDW in remote areas. Alongside the evolution of the apes to intelligence, and almost at the same time an early god evolved to the Ancient Orc Lords.


Pro Lithic – From 32.000 to 13.200 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
The proto human race exit its caves and form agricultural communities. Argicultire consists of protograins, bulbs, snails and small birds. The wheel is invented and humans start traveling the world. Ancient Orc Lords are found in the more fertile lands and in some cases they are treated as gods.


Ancient times – From 13.200 to 10.000 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
Women and men are ready to be proud of themselves and their civilizations. Cities are built and Grand Monuments honor non-exixtant Gods.


Medieval age – From 10.000 to 8.000 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
The emergence of trade between continents and nations gives the world 800 years of tranquility and 1200 years of plagues and stagnation. The OcrLord nations are unaffected and their pirate ships endanger this time of prosperity. Orcs thrive on this borrowed prosperity.


Industrial Age – From 8000 to 7601 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World

Inspired men invest on working the machine instead of the arts. The industrial age is here! The differences between the industrialized and the rest are stark. Abundance and sickness in the industrialized, happiness and poverty in the rest of the world.


Genetics Age – From 7600 to 6800 B.EGG

dnd 5e genetic manipulation
Scientists make clone slaves for mining the entire planet. Great undergound routes are made, trains cross the planet’s cold core. The need to work is now limited in processing materials and not in finding it and growing them.


Info Age – From 6800 to 6000 B.EGG

timeline dnd world

Internets and electronic libraries accessible to all make for an all literate world. The last of the famed mystics disappears, believed to have died.


Robotic Age – From 6000 to 3200 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
The need to learn becomes paramount and to work needless. Robots made labor unimportant within 50 years.  Peace and prosperity is all over. The orclords spend their entire loot to match the current prosperity of the human nations.


Eco Wars – From 3200 to 2000 B.EGG

eco wars
War machines allied with dwarf worker unions revolt. THe revolution is lead by the ideology of 7 Ecologists. Death prevails as the production of everything is destroyed and governments use nihilation bombs against the eco guerillas. Chain reaction in the upper atmosphere destroy almost all life and lands.  The 7 ecologists survive with a cluster of 4000 eco scientists. They establish new ecosystems in the “Rock lands” that are all is left. new species are supported to evolve.


New Peace Era – From 2000 to 1200 B.EGG

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
Limited and controlled human expansion limited to eco ships (floating ship cities) and 15 port cities. A nation of do-gooders search for new species for the new world using old dna of extinct species.


The Second Dino Age – From 1200 B.EGG to the Egg drop

Timeline of the Grey Dragon World | Grey Dragon World DnD World
Long buried dino eggs are bread into healthy populations. Most of the world -but for the 15 cities- is now inhabited by dinosaurs. The ecoships drift eventually sink due to lack of fuel and uninspiring leadership. The 15 cities face a future of diminishing resources and so they plan a limit to their population to 500-1000 each. The last of the OrcLord tribes disappear and civil wars destroy the orc lands and civilization.

grey dragon egg


Egg Fall – Egg Fall to 400 Post the fall of the Egg (P.EGG)

The egg falls north of the eco empire. 4 families of elves are born and the world is infused with magic. The Gray One hatches and gives birth to the 150 matriarch-dragon-eggs.


DRAGON AGE – 401- 4400 P.EGG

age of dragons

The 150+ original Dragon Matriarchs  give birth to Chromatic and Metallic Dragons. They mostly feed on the dinosaurs avoiding the Eco Empire. This makes the Empire blamed for a secret pact that created this carnage. The Eco Empire during this time of peace fuses Tech and Magic. The minotaur  nation of Ta is formed.


End of the Dragon Age – End of the New Peace Era – 4401- 4800 P.EGG

The Eco-Empire sees the dragons as a problem and demands limitation of breeding and land. The dragons deny. THe EcoScientists use old tech imbued with magic to make the Dragonkiller Armor, Bow and Sword. They challenge the Dragons in duals and are ignored. The Dragonkiller gains a flying machine and goes after the dragon females and their broods.
The Dragonmothers inform the Grey One of the annihilation. He has been living in orbit for some time not, as he is too big to land comfortably. The Grey One comes back and destroys all Ecomen, the Dragonkiller, the Eco scientists, and the Empire. Everything.
He spares  190 ecomen and women. They are charged to  roamed the planet attempting to cure it of their destruction. He being too large left the planet for good- basically transforming onto the moon. He is still alive there and his breath through time created an additional layer of of magic around the world. A layer of healing and creation magic.


Emergence of Dwarves – 4801-25600 P.EGG

The Grey One gives dreams to the drwarves to come to the open air. As they come out from underground it takes them less than 200 generetions to de-evolve their dna additions, and they become as humans are. Some breed with Orclords and make a respectable Orc civilization.

The New Humans start over!


The Real Age of Peace – 25601- 32000 P.EGG

With the healing from above, all races live twice as long life spans. With the fear of the Grey One’s punishment, war is sparce and always small scaled.
Mages found a nation, later called Wizardland, and start meddling into affairs of state with the goal of peace and controlling the use of powerful magics. Most rulers, even in the goblin Duchies, have a Wizardland Advisor.


THE AGE OF GATES – From 32001 P.EGG and onwards

Before the fall of the Egg lack of magic blocked communication with the planes. Since then the Grey Dragon protected his world from outside interference. Believing that the world is now mature enough to accept outside influences HE unblocks the planes. HE actually creates a few gates to force this communion.
gated species timeline
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