Leadership and Attracting a Pioneer Population 5e

Leadership and Attracting a Pioneer Population 5e

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5 mins read

Rules and info for pioneers for the Southern parts of the Khanate of Barbi: (We are Beta testing this.)


  1. Overview
  2. The Feudal Contract
  3. The Khanate of Barbi
  4. Leadership and growing a pioneer population (here)
  5. Building Your Pioneering Town
  6. Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Town

Attracting a Pioneer Population

Ask your DM on how you can attract a population larger that the people you hire. Here are some ideas:

  • Give work contracts to petty convicts.
  • Prisoner colony
  • Indentured servitude buyouts
  • Freed slaves
  • Criers in foreign lands to attract:
    • Urchins and paupers offered land
    • Farmers, artisans, and merchants offered opportunities
    • Refugees
  • Announce political reforms only applicable to pioneers.
  • Offer homes to veterans of armies with large families

Leadership and Attracting a Pioneer Population 5e

Roles of the Freemen Pioneers

In the governance of the new pioneer town of Freemen and their pioneer population in the southern part of the Khanate of Barbi, the following are five suggested roles with their respective jurisdictions for the advancement of the town and surrounding countryside:

  1. Mayor:

    • Responsible for overall administration and governance of the pioneer town.
    • Oversees the implementation of policies, regulations, and town development plans.
    • Facilitates community engagement and acts as a representative for the town in external matters.
    • Manages public services, infrastructure development, and resource allocation within the town.
  2. Agricultural and Mining Supervisor:

    • Responsible for agricultural development and sustainability within the surrounding countryside.
    • Promotes efficient land use, crop diversification, and implementation of modern farming practices.
    • Facilitates training and support for farmers, promoting increased productivity and sustainable agriculture.
    • Collaborates with the Freemen to enhance agricultural production and ensure food security.
    • Utilizing and upgrading the pioneer population.
  3. Infrastructure and Planning Coordinator:

    • Oversees the planning, design, and implementation of infrastructure projects in the pioneer town.
    • Manages construction, maintenance, and improvement of roads, utilities, and public facilities.
    • Ensures adherence to zoning regulations and town planning guidelines.
    • Collaborates with relevant stakeholders to support the growth and development of the town.
  4. Community Development Officer:

    • Promotes community engagement, social cohesion, and overall welfare of the pioneer population.
    • Facilitates the establishment of community programs, events, and initiatives.
    • Supports education, healthcare, and social services to meet the needs of the town residents.
    • Collaborates with local organizations to foster a sense of belonging and sustainable community development.
  5. Steward of the Deliverables:

    • Focuses on delivering the products to the Khanate.
    • Develops initiatives for waste management, recycling, and environmental education.
    • Promotes the protection of natural resources, wildlife preservation, ecological balance and the ability to deliver long term.
    • Collaborates with relevant authorities to enforce environmental regulations and address environmental concerns levying the workforce and/or taxes to make the deliverable deadlines.

These roles, with their defined jurisdictions, aim to facilitate the growth and development of the pioneer town of Freemen while ensuring the well-being of its residents, sustainable agricultural practices, efficient infrastructure, community engagement, and deliverable stewardship.

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