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Kondassan Empire | The “Open” Southern Empire

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The Kondassan Empire, also known as the Khondashian Empire is the largest southern empire. Ruled by the oldest and proudest human noble families, this Empire has opened its lands to everyone.

Everyone is allowed to work and make a living in this empire, but land ownership is a privilege of the Noble Houses only. In the Kondassan lands you will find the largest number of minotaurs outside of Ta, the largest population of Yuan-ti outside of Ssirtsia, the largest varieties of Catfolk outside of Miausong, and so on and so forth.

There is some ambiguity, and prideful headbutting between the families of Koralia and Kondassan, in so far as to which state preexisted the other, but the split between them was long ago and not amicable. It is certain though that the ancient throne used by the Kondassan (pictured above) is the original throne of both empires.

Kondassan Empire | The "Open" Southern Empire | Grey Dragon World DnD World

The capital is the “Cloud City” of Prestigio.

prestigioprestigio Southern Empire

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