Sentinel Shield Plus 5e

Sentinel Shield Plus 5e

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1 min read

Source: Dungeon Master’s Guide (+20% pricing)

Armor (shield), uncommon

This ancient magical shield, steeped in untold secrets of ancient magicks, was said by underground agents to possess a mesmerizing power. Its surface is clad with a real Watershilliar Ore, giving off an almost ethereal shimmer in the light. Etched onto the iron is an eye, forever vigilant in an eternal wink.

Some nights, the eye seemed to blink to life, its gaze piercing through the darkness and alighting with alluring and mysterious energy. Those who looked upon it during those nights were filled with fear and awe at what dark powers were contained within.

While holding the sentinel shield, her eye is open and rarely blinking, you have advantage on initiative rolls and Perception checks. The shield is emblazoned with a lifelike animated eye.

Sentinel Shield Plus 5e


84 / 100

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