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Blue Dogs Tribe | Tais Khaganate Subjects 5e

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The Blue Dogs is a semi-independent tribe of the Xteps.

Purple-eyed small Dogfolks exclusively populate it, and they all have taken to blue body paint.

Only editing mating are they without their “Blues”, and any Dogfolk with purple eyes that is not painted blue is considered vulgarly naked.

Their Chieftains have close ties to Elven Rangers of the Kanlulalwen town and trade with them anything they can get their hands on.

This is the Town of Blue Dogs.

The Old Ward Town Hall in the middle of it, and there is the home of the Chieftain. Stalls surround the fountain in front of it and the water flowing from it always runs blue and sweet. The homes all around are multifamily multi-generational homes.

Blue Dogs Tribe | Tais Khaganate Subjects


Blue Dogs Tribe | Tais Khaganate Subjects

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