Queendom of Enanor (The Protectorate)

Queendom of Enanor (The Evil Protectorate)

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The Queendom on Enanor (the past)

A land that was affiliated with the finest artisans of the Elven Lake, a land that was always blessed with the mildest winters of the north.

Once upon a time, Enanor was a land of peace and prosperity, a queendom ruled by a line of benevolent queens who cared deeply for the well-being of their people. The fields were lush with crops, the rivers ran clear and clean, and the cities were bustling with commerce and culture. The people of Enanor were happy and content, their lives filled with joy and abundance.

The Succession

But all that changed when the most recent Queen birthed no daughters. She lived to the natural age of 162, which left her youngest, and only surviving son, to succeed her. The heart of her son was a poisoned one. A heart that waited for the deaths of all his brothers, and hated the womb that might birth a daughter.

Dose, son of “Beatrice the Aged”‘s, heart was black as coal. His first act was to change the Queendom to a Protectorate, his second act was to change the name of the capital from Elfung to Doseung. And this was how he marked his coronation day.

The Protectorate is born

He saw the queendom not as a place to be ruled with kindness and compassion, but as his Protectorate, a source of power and wealth to be exploited for his own gain. Slowly but surely, he began to tighten his grip on the land, imposing ever-more draconian laws and taxes on his subjects.

As the years passed, the once-beautiful queendom of Enanor began to wither and decay. The fields turned fallow, the rivers became polluted, and the cities fell into disrepair. The people of Enanor were no longer happy and content; they lived in constant fear of their Protector’s wrath and the cruelty of his agents.

The Age of the Eyes

And then came the Eyes of Enanor, a gift from some unknown “benefactor”, which the Protector eagerly accepted. The people of EnanorEye of Enanor Eyes of Enanor Eyes of Enanor | 5e Government Magical Surveillance watched in horror as the unblinking metal eyes began to float above their cities, their every move monitored and recorded by an unseen force.

Those who dared to speak out against the Protector’s tyranny were quickly apprehended and punished, often without trial or even the pretense of justice.

And so it was that Enanor became a malevolent protectorate, ruled by an iron fist that brooked no dissent and cared nothing for the lives of its people. The Eyes of Enanor were the constant reminder of their subjugation, their cold, unfeeling gaze roving over the empty streets and ruined buildings.

The land that was once the envy of all now lay in ruins, its people crushed beneath the weight of oppression and despair.

Hope of Rebellion

The only hope that remained was the whispered promise of a rebellion, a small glimmer of light in a world consumed by darkness.

But even those who dared to hope knew that the price of resistance was high, for the cursed Eyes of Enanor were always watching, always waiting, and always ready to strike down any who would dare to challenge the Protector’s absolute power.

Map of Enanor

Queendom of Enanor (The Protectorate)

Map of Doseung

Doseung was a city of 5000, now it barely numbers 1000 residents. The Five Arches are essentially abandoned.

Capital of Queendom of Enanor (The Protectorate)

The Fortress of the Protector

Queendom of Enanor (The Protectorate)

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