magical items Magical Items of the Grey Dragon World

Magical Items of the Grey Dragon World

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Magical Items

Magical items made by the Wizardlanders have an expiration date, never more than 200 years, often 100 years at the time of creation. In addition to that, it is expected that magical items of the GDW look different than the ones found elsewhere (i.e. a amulet of wound closure might have the face of a dragon on it).

Magical items that have a number of finite uses cannot be reloaded after the 100-200 year time limit (in rare circumstances this limit can be lower).

Outsider items and items created by non-Wizardlander locals are not limited. This is an attempted powergrab by the nation of Wizardlanders, not a quirk of the world.

Magic Items shop (in cities with a Wizardlander ambassador – “court advisor”)

  • Magic weapons, and damage oriented items are never sold in these shops, and magic armor is never sold in states in war or close to war.
  • Most magic items sold here have limitations
      • Have a expiration time – at the time of creation it is usually 100-200 years.
      • Akmost all non-time-limited items have a total amount of charges that cannot be recharged.
      • Scrolls, potions and other single use items are sold at a variety the court advisor “absolute” discretion.
  • Items created before the limitations and items of non wizardlander origin are often bought and very rarely resold, always at a high premium.

Non-Wizardlander Sales happen openly and without limitations. Always expect a representative of the Wizardlanders to attempt to buy items without limitations at a better than average price.

Wizardlanders ambassadors have uniformly the same “home” from which they buy and sell magic. Just like this:

magical items


75 / 100

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