6 Physique Talents for DnD! (New Feats)

6 Physique Talents for DnD! (New Feats)

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7 mins read

Having a better figure can help your character become healthier and happier. Physique Talents can explain his physical appearance, boost his confidence, and help him to feel more in control of his life. The regular exercise an adventurer gets, and a healthy diet (paleo?) are key components to achieving the physique talents he wants. In the Grey Dragon World, these are very common and are considered a gift from the breath of the Grey Dragon. (Please note that the choice for using the word “Talent” instead of “Feat” is in line with the Black Flag Initiative of Kobold Press. We may amend it if they do, but we like the name, it is much more accurate)

What does this mean for DnD? Well you know… not dying and killing faster?

Brawn Talent

You have worked on becoming the strongest, it just started to show!

  • Choosing the Brawn Feat/Talent gives you +1 to hit and +2 to damage to your first attempted hit each turn. This means that your weapon (or punch) can penetrate the defenses of your miserable opponents and that as it does it really does some work on them!
  • You also gain advantage to break free of the restrained condition.
  • And STR saves that need you to roll a 5 or lower on a d20, automatically succeed.

Endurance Talent

You are ready to work hard in your dungeon-crawling! Treasure is a boon, not a burden.

  • Your speed does not drop from carrying too much.
  • Additionally, for the first 2 hours of being over-encumbered, you do not get any other penalties either.
  • You can also push/pull/drag double your normal allowance for 1 hour once per short rest.

Limbness Talent

Your understanding of what your body can do is becoming apparent. You have more control over it.

  • You can wiggle free of mundane restraints with ease. You gain advantage to do so.
  • You can fit through spaces larger than your head, limply. You automatically succeed any DC roll that needs you to roll under 5 on a d20.
  • You gain advantage on all your Sleight of Hand rolls, including on more minute work, like picking a lock.

Accuracy Talent

Your level of control of your body and weapons is almost supernatural. Your training in the art of harming has gained boons.

  • Your critical hits with piercing and slashing weapons gain a bleeding status equal to your Strength modifier (minimum 1). This damage is counted from the moment it hits, but for every round after the initial round, the target gets a CON save (DC10 +your STR bonus), to end it.
  • All your successful hits with a burgeoning weapon have a minimum damage of double your STR modifier (minimum 2).
  • All your successful “called hits” during battle hit where you say they do. You can use this accuracy to Intimidate an opponent into surrendering or fleeing. No other advantage can be gained by this ability (ie. called hits to the eyes or to cut off a hand are not successful)

Movement Talent

Long days of walking and running have paid off. You are faster!

  • You gain a +5 foot to your land speed. This extra speed is not impeded by difficult terrain or other slowing conditions, including sneaking around.
  • You gain a +2 to your AC when attacked by an attack of opportunity that was triggered by your movement. You are too fast!
  • You gain a +5 foot to all your speeds other than your land speed (you already got that).

Durability Talent

You are hardy! Nothing fazes you until you get to your healer!

  • They have to get new ways to kill you! You gain more hit points, equal to your level (future levels too).
  • Durable means durable! You gain resistance to burgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage from non-magical sources. Choose one whenever you gain this feat.
  • Also you gain +1 to your Constitution Saving Throws.

Recovery Physique Talent

  • You gain advantage to all disease and poison recovery rolls.
  • You gain additional hit dice to your total hit dice for the purpose of short rest and long rest recovery.
  • Once per day, a successful death saving throw gets you to 1 hit point- or a fumble/nat1 counts as one failure instead of 2.

Now you see that having a great body can lead to Physique Talents. Ask your DM to allow you these!


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