Afraid in the woods.

Afraid in the Woods | Scary 5e Plot Hook

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4 mins read

This little girl in the woods is a mysterious and frightening sight. As soon as you see her you hear a song lowly whistled. Her pale skin and wide eyes match do not match her blond curls and a wide smile.

Afraid in the woods.She stands like a statue, still and silent, and it‘s unclear whether she is alive or dead. But what is clear is the presence of two wolves who stand faithfully at her side, their black eyes watching anyone who dares to approach. Those brave enough to come closer will feel a chill in the air and in their hearts as if the girl has brought dark magic with her.

You may detect a faint aura of necrotic energy surrounding the girl, hinting at a powerful and ancient magic that lurks in her shadows. Even the wolves seem to be under her spell, as they obediently follow her every movement, and sway at the rhythm of the song.

This girl is no ordinary child. Her powers are far beyond mortal comprehension, and it is said that she has the ability to control the dead and raise them from the grave. The villagers told you about her. Those who cross her path often find themselves cursed with misfortune, and tales of her wrath can be heard in the whispers from the forest.

She utters one word:


As you take your first step towards her the sounds of the forest disappear, and all you can hear is her movements and the song.

You thought you could save the girl from the wolves? Who will save you from the girl? You are the one that is afraid in the woods, not her.

Afraid in the woods is a fine grasping intro to a scary story for a group that has grown complacent in their own level of advancement! This is good for new DMs as that rules need not play a huge role in what is happening.

One way to use this is to call this a hidden illusion guarding the entrance to a Mage’s abode. For a 2nd level party of 4, the girl is actually an Animated Horror, and the 2 wolves are Blink Dogs.  For a 5th level party of 4, the dogs are displacer beasts, and the little girl is a Green Hag.

Are you now ready to be afraid in the woods?

79 / 100

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