Emerald Plate Armor

Emerald Plate Armor DnD 5e

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Behold, dear adventurer, the stunning and majestic Emerald Plate Armor!

Salespitch to the Battlemasters

Crafted from the rarest and most magical emeralds, this enchanting armor glows with an ethereal green light that captures the very essence of nature’s beauty in the sunlight. The intricate design of the armor is nothing short of breathtaking, with each piece meticulously crafted to perfection by the most skilled artisans in the land.

This armor is not only a sight to behold, but also offers unparalleled protection to those who wear it. The emeralds that adorn the armor are infused with potent magical energy that enhances the wearer’s agility and endurance. The armor’s surface is imbued with a shimmering magical aura that deflects even the deadliest of blows, making the wearer nearly invincible in battle.

As a high-level adventurer, you deserve only the finest equipment, and the Emerald Plate Armor is no exception. It is the perfect choice for those who seek both style and substance. With this armor, you will radiate the confidence and power that comes only from possessing the best gear in the land. We take special heraldry orders to make this armor your banner in the field of battle!

Emerald Plate Armor

Emerald Plate Armor Statblock:

Armor Class:

18 (plate)

Strength Requirement:


Stealth Disadvantage:



Rare – requires attunement

  1. The Emerald Plate Armor grants the wearer resistance to poison damage and advantage on saving throws against being poisoned.
  2. Additionally, the wearer’s speed is increased by 10 feet and gains advantage against physical exhaustion.
  3. When in direct sunlight it glows in a lively green light.
  4. Finally, the armor has 4 charges, and the wearer can use an action to expend one charge to cast the spell “Entangle” at 3rd level. The armor regains 1d4 expended charges each day at dawn.

This Armor is created for the Lakorian nobility market by the Ironeater Clan, as part of their Waterdeep export agreement with Pikat, the Miausong Archon. Including special heraldry on it adds 10% to the price and 1 month to delivery times.

Remember, Rare items are sold by the Ironeater Clan to Lakoria at the maximum price of Rare Items 5000gp (normal pricing 1000+1d4*1000).

89 / 100

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