Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Pioneering Town in DnD 5e!

Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Pioneering Town in DnD 5e!

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8 mins read

Y’all Come Settle Down: Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Pioneering Town!

Howdy, fellow adventurers! Are you tired of wandering the wilds, living off whatever the road provides?

Well, saddle up and hold onto your spellbooks because it’s time to talk about settling down and building your very own pioneering town in DnD 5e!

Forest Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Pioneering Town in DnD 5e!

But before you start hammerin’ them nails, let’s figure out the best spot to plant those roots and how to make the most of it!

  1. Proximity to a Forest:

Now, ain’t nothin’ like the smell of pine and the rustlin’ leaves of a forest. Having a town nestled near one of these bad boys comes with some mighty fine perks! First off, you’ll have an abundance of lumber for buildin’, and the woodworkers in your town will thank you kindly for it. Plus, the critters in the forest might be willin’ to trade some of their precious pelts and herbs for your goods, so it’s a win-win!


  1. River Runnin’ Through:

You’ve heard them tales of the ol’ Mississippi? Well, havin’ a river near your town is just as good! Not only will you have a steady supply of fresh water (which is essential for them townsfolk), but you can also try your hand at fishin’! Just cast a line, reel it in, and you’ll have a feast fit for a king. Oh, and don’t forget the farmers; rivers make the soil real fertile, so you’ll be harvestin’ those crops like there’s no tomorrow. And trading! Fast trading can be accommodated by long and wide rivers.

  1. Rocky Hill:

Now, I reckon some folks might overlook a rocky hill, but hear me out. If you’re lookin’ to build a defensive pioneering town, this is your spot! With natural barriers all around, you’ll be hard to attack from all sides. And the view from up top? Absolutely breathtaking! Plus, your town’s quarryists, and even miners can dig and get stone for buildn’ and even find some precious metals and gemstones for trade and profit.

  1. Mountain Majesty:

Ah, the mountains! There’s somethin’ magical ’bout ’em. And if your town’s built near ’em, you’re in for a treat. Not only do mountains have some of the best scenic views, but you might even find hidden caves and caverns full of treasures and magical artifacts. Just be wary of them pesky dragons – they like to call mountains home. Minin’ and Quarrin’ aplenty too!

  1. Lake Coast and Ocean Coast:

For those of y’all who love the water, a town near a lake or ocean coast is the ticket! You can set up a fishin’ industry, trade with sailors, and maybe even build yourselves a ship to explore the high seas! Oh, and don’t forget the beach parties and sunbathing – it’s just the thing to keep them adventurers relaxed.

  1. Marshy Wonders:

Now, I know what you’re thinkin’: swamps? Really? But don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! Them marshes are teemin’ with life, and that means a whole lotta exotic herbs and critters for alchemists and apothecaries. Just watch out for swamp monsters, they ain’t too friendly.Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Pioneering Town in DnD 5e!

  1. Open Plains:

For the free spirits among ya, open plains are a dream come true for your pioneering town. Y’all can have all the space you need for farmin’, ranchin’, and even hostin’ some thrilling horse races! Not to mention the clear skies for stargazin’ and the potential for some epic battles.

  1. Close to Another Town:

Now, partner, don’t go thinkin’ that havin’ another town nearby is a bad thing. You can create some friendly competition, trade goods, and share resources. And if y’all get in a tight spot, you got each other’s backs!

  1. Old Stone Town Ruins:

Them ruins of an older stone town might be a treasure trove of ancient artifacts and forgotten magic. Just be mindful of any curses or angry spirits lurkin’ around – those old towns had their fair share of secrets.

  1. Underground Lair Ruins:

Who doesn’t love a good dungeon crawl? Them ruins of underground lairs might hide some powerful relics and forgotten lore. Just be sure to bring plenty of torches and brave souls!


Now that y’all know what to look for, go ahead and pick that perfect plot for your pioneering town! Remember, it’s a team effort, and with a bit of luck and a whole lotta adventure, your town will become the talk of the realm. Happy building, y’all! And may your town flourish like wildflowers in spring!

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