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The Lizardman Duke Benefar of Litlecia

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The Lizardman Duke Benefar of Litlecia is the wisest of all Lizardmen.

Not a huge achievement to be the wisest, but he is the one that legalized the underground sect of Veganism.  Lizardmen on the planet of the Grey Dragon see sentient species as delicacies. At times they even endorse cannibalism.

The Lizardman Duke position has been held by secret Vegans for the last 120 years, but Benefar is the first to not condemn Veganism. He is still not out as a Vegan himself, but his courts no longer punish Lizardment that refuse to eat meat.

the Duchy of Litlecia is a vassal of the other Duchies, and for the last 200 years, they have been pushed to renounce cannibalism. The first indication that this might be happening has not appeared yet, but things are looking up.

Please do not expect to see a grand civilization when you visit the Lizardman Duke. His palace is an extensive complex of mud huts, and his throne is made of stone and adorned by dragon scales of several colors. It is said that the only rulers that can call themselves Kings of Lizardmen are the ones that have killed and eaten a dragon.

Duke Benefar is the Holder of the World. The world is a replica of a dragon egg made of green marble. Legends have it that this was the only egg that did not hatch when the first Lizardmen were Hatched.



The Lizardman Duke Benefar of Litlecia | Grey Dragon World DnD World

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