Guide: Making a DnD character for the 1st time!

Guide: Making a DnD character for the 1st time!

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Get ready, this will be fun!!! (This page is under construction.)

Creating your first DnD character can be a thrilling and exciting experience that will bring you hours of fun!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help get you started:

  1. Remember and keep in mind 2 things. What helps you have fun, and how much time do you want to invest before you know all the ropes of the game.
  2. Pick your race – Choose from the many unique races available, each with its own set of abilities and strengths. It is common for first-time players to choose a classic race from a store, a Dwarf, or an Elf, or maybe “just” a human!
  3. Pick your class – From wizards to warriors, this is where you decide what type of character you want to play as! Maybe you can make an iconic Elf Ranger, like Legolas, or a Human Bard like Dandelion.
  4. Customize your character – Create a backstory, decide what they look like, pick their personality traits, etc. This is where you can be as creative as you want! Truth be told you could just be an orphan, with an axe to grind, but you could also be a disgraced historian that wants to learn how danger works before she can start writing her next depiction of historical events.
  5. Equip them with gear – Get the right weapons and armor for your character so they’re ready for any situation! Ask for a fellow player or your DM to help you choose the things that will complement your 2-3-4 choices, or many write a sentence for how you came by each item in your possession. Just remember that 1st level characters are just now starting their adventuring days!
  6. Select spells or abilities – Learn new spells or special abilities that will give your character an edge in battle! I, personally would avoid the spellcasting classes for my first character, but if you want magic in your life, just be ready to see some youtube videos, and read up a bit before you make your choices.
  7. Join the adventure – Now it’s time to join up with other players in epic quests across fantastical worlds!

If you can only see 1 video before you come in for our Session Zero this is it!

Form to fill in for session zero, it’s in Greek, we will be translating and enriching that one!

(this page is under construction to help new players that are not associated with the RPG association Esperos – this sentence was edited after demands of the associations were made in writing.)

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