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Land of Opportunity Pioneer Ruleset for DnD 5e

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The Khanate of Barbi, a longstanding traditional realm, has experienced a pioneer shift in recent times. The successive Khans recognized the need for urban development in the northern regions, which proved successful. However, this resulted in a significant depopulation of the southern areas.

In order to revitalize and develop the deserted southern regions, the Khanate now offers Feudal Contract of Subjugation to any individuals or groups willing to undertake the task.


Rules and info for pioneers for the Southern parts of the Khanate of Barbi: (We are Beta testing this.)

  1. Overview (here)
  2. The Feudal Contract
  3. The Khanate of Barbi
  4. Leadership and growing a pioneer population
  5. Building Your Pioneering Town
  6. Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Town

Our next rule “6” development “Land Use and Benefits”

Benefits for Pioneers in Choosing a Land Boon

Choosing an area with a land boon for pioneering endeavors can provide numerous advantages and opportunities for the pioneers. These benefits may vary based on the specific boon present in the chosen region, but generally include:

  1. Natural Resources:

    • River: Access to a river offers a constant water supply, aiding in irrigation for agriculture, providing a source of freshwater for drinking and sanitation, and facilitating trade and transportation.
    • Forest: Abundant timber resources can be utilized for construction, fuel, and crafting purposes. Forests also offer potential for hunting, gathering, and the discovery of valuable medicinal plants.
    • Minable Mountain: The presence of mineral-rich mountains allows for mining operations, enabling pioneers to extract valuable resources such as ores, gemstones, and precious metals.
    • Rocky Hills to Quarry: The rocky hills provide a ready source of building materials, including stones and rocks that can be quarried for construction purposes, saving time and resources.
  2. Strategic Location:

    • Main Road: A well-established road passing through the area connects the pioneers to neighboring settlements, facilitating trade, transportation, and the exchange of goods and information.
    • Small Local Population: A small existing population in the area can offer a potential labor force, local knowledge, and a foundation for building a community through collaboration and integration.
  3. Exploration and Discovery:

    • Ruins: The presence of ancient ruins sparks curiosity and offers opportunities for archaeological discoveries, potential historical artifacts, and valuable insights into the past.
    • Cave Network: A network of caves provides exploration prospects, the possibility of hidden treasures, and potential shelter or expansion options for settlement development.
  4. Defense and Security:

    • Geographic Features: Natural land formations, such as mountains, hills, and caves, can serve as natural defenses against external threats, providing strategic advantages for the pioneers’ security.
    • Isolation: Choosing a region with specific geographical features can offer a degree of isolation, reducing the likelihood of conflicts and providing a sense of privacy and independence.
  5. Roleplaying Opportunities:

    • In a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5E world, these land boons can serve as exciting backdrops for quests, adventures, and encounters, offering opportunities for exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, and interaction with unique NPCs or creatures.

By selecting an area with a land boon, pioneers can harness the advantages presented by the region’s natural resources, location, exploration potential, security benefits, and opportunities for immersive roleplaying experiences. These benefits, when leveraged effectively, can significantly contribute to the success and prosperity of the pioneering endeavors in the D&D 5E world.

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