Jungle Witch Steals a Soul | Plot Hook

Jungle Witch Steals a Soul | Plot Hook 5e

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2 mins read

Your party is traveling through a dense jungle of Ssirtsia, when suddenly, they hear a loud wail coming from the depths of the forest.

Emerging from the darkness is a human warrior, his face filled with grief, his arms holding the corpse of his wife. As he continues to scream, he drops to his knees and the party can see that his wife’s body is covered in strange symbols and blackened wounds, as if she had been brutally tortured. The warrior, unable to contain his grief, cries out,

My beloved’s soul was taken by the Jungle Witch, who lives deep in the jungle. I beg you, please help me avenge her soul!

You see the lifeless body of his wife twitching and squirming. It might be possible to revive her if you hurry to the witch’s hut!

Jungle Witch Steals a Soul | Plot Hook

Deep in the heart of this dark and foreboding jungle lies an ancient hut, shrouded in a mysterious aura of dark magic. The hut is made of crumbling stone and wood, with vines entwining around its walls.

The windows are boarded up, and the door is made of a dark wood not of this jungle and held together by black metal bars. Inside the hut, strange artifacts can be found: skulls and bones adorn the walls, while strange candles burn in each corner. An eerie silence fills the air, as if something lurks within waiting to be released. The Witch is not in.

Not yet!

As you turn around you almost see the figure of a Jungle Witch coming out of the darkness!

Jungle Witch Steals a Soul | Plot Hook


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