Dorlocath Ring of Comprehending Rodents

Dorlocath Ring of Comprehending Rodents 5e

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2 mins read

Dorlocath is the master of the ancient sect aimed at the eradication of rodents. All his agents have this ring.

This Ring Of Comprehending Rodents is a “Common” magical ring that serves the enemies of rodents. It is said not to work for people that like rodents, but this is only a legend.

This ring has 4 charges, and it recharges 1d4 charges every dawn. You can expend a charge by:

  • detecting rodents within a mile radius, it works like detecting magic, you do not know the direction, size or number of rodents, except when the rodent is within sight, and then you know:
    • Its exact location and its location for the next 3 rounds
    • Its exact species and the number of its first and second-degree relatives that are still alive.
  • communicating with any rodent for 1 minute. You understand all rodent speech patterns and can respond to them depending on their intelligence.
  • creating an interactive illusion of all the anatomical features of any rodent you know of. This lasts for 1 hour and links the ring of comprehending rodents to the sects library with unlimited access. It is believed that this also serves as a secret means of communication between the master of the sect and his minions.
Dorlocath Ring of Comprehending Rodents
Dorlocath Ring of Comprehending Rodents (other 5e magical rings)
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