The Secluded Strong Minotaurs of the 6 Ta Islands

The Secluded Strong Minotaurs of the 6 Ta Islands

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The Archipelago of Ta has been the center of the Minotaurs’ world since about 3000 PEGG.

The islands are named after Captain Ta, a Minotaur captain from ancient times. There are many stories about him, but little is known forThe Secluded Strong Minotaurs of the 6 Ta Islands sure.

Minotaur society on Ta has become very exclusive over time. They don’t even let shipwrecked sailors come ashore anymore.

In 3567 PEGG, they built a fortress around the islands with the help of Abasidian mages, making them very hard to attack.

The only city where outsiders can trade freely is called Tanatanos. But even there, non-Minotaurs have to stay within certain limits.

In every other port only Minotaur owned ships are allowed to dock. Non-minotaur traders are expected to stay on the ship they came with until they depart. The few exceptions allowed to land were not seen again.

It is reported by brave traders that because of their stable state since before the end of the Ec0-Empire, they have a trove of magin-Tech fusion knowledge and treasure.

Rumors say that the Minotaurs on Ta have lots of ancient knowledge and treasure, thanks to their stable society.

The magic advisor in Ta is usually a Abasidian Minotaur and lives in Tanatanos.

The Minotaurs of Ta

ta minotaurs

Capital of the Ta minotaurs, Tanatanos

ta minotaur minotaur tanatanos

The Secluded Strong Minotaurs of the 6 Ta Islands The Secluded Strong Minotaurs of the 6 Ta Islands

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