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Dorlocath Master of the Underground | DnD 5e

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Dorlocath is a sinister cat of great power. Plotting and maneuvering, swerving and obfuscating, he is the master of lies, the ruler of alliances, the master of all that is hidden.

Master of the Underground

He is the last descendant of the sect “Felinum Nexus ” that used to be devoted to the elimination of all rodents. A long time ago the sect roved the lands, and the inner world, to hunt kill and eat all rodents. Assassins, trackers, spies, and master chefs of the sect eradicating mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits and capybaras.

He holds the knowledge and inheritance of the sect and dreams of its revival. His extensive library includes anatomical descriptions of all rodents, along with the correct spices to be used with each kind.

He is the only cat to deal amicably with the Yuan-Ti, as he sees the Serpent Peoples as his allies in his quest to eradicate all squirming rodents. His tentative alliance created several lucrative opportunities and he is the master of shadows for the Snake peoples even more than he is for Catfolk. He has spies everywhere, and all of his spies have his ring. The Dorlocath Ring of Comprehending Rodents.


This is the Master of the Underground!

Dorlocath Master of the Underground | The Tertarchy of Miausong Feline Bipeds

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