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Playable DnD Races in the Grey Dragon World 5e

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There are two origins of player character dnd races in the Grey Dragon World (GDW). Gated races and indigenous races.

Gated DnD Races

All races can be encountered as visitors from other worlds. Since the gates opened refugees, convalescent patients, explorers and adventurers of all kinds have come to the world. You might be one of them.

If you are the DM of your group and are establishing a gate to this world, let us know! Use a known location, a remote island, an underground ancient or active mine and set your perma-gate there. We will add your gate to the lore and the map, along with links to your world (if you want to publish your world too talk to Lambros about it).

Indigenous DnD Races


There are 5 main Human cultures in the GDW dnd races. All but the last one originates from descendants of dwarves.

  1. Lakorian – Originating in the western continent it can be found in the north and in the south in the Lakoriandnd races Kingdom, the Kingdom of Honk, the Protectorate of Enanor (previously a Queendom), the Kingdom of Umbrion and the Republic of Mils (though this republic is getting more and more influenced by Shizian culture).
    Lakorian culture is very similar to 14th-17th century France.
  2. Shizian – Originating in the northern mountain ranges of the eastern continent it is mainly expressed in the eastern continent excluding the Kosian peninsula. 2 independent empires (that used to be united) house this culture. The Lududh Empire, and the Shizian Empire.
    Shizian culture closely resembles preindustrial feudal Japan in most things.
  3. The Southerners – Originating in the Koralian peninsula mountains these humans are descendants of deep dwarves. The countries that house this culture are the Kingdom of Koralia and the Kondassan Empire.
    The Southerner culture closely resembles Nubian and Abyssinian ancient cultures with wealth that rivals the hight of the Mali Empire. 
  4. Xtepian – Originating in the steppe and savanna of the western continent Xtepians live united by their geography and divided by their leaders. The countries that house this culture are the Khanates of Thelt, Therian, Tais, and Barbi and the leading Khanate, the Khaganate of Selesemel. Note that the Khanate of Barbi is going through a transition through the urbanization of its north and the pioneer invitation of its south.
  5. Original Humans. A crypto-race of humans that keeps to itself fiercely and does not mingle with others. It is not widely known the location or locations of these people, but if know they will be met by shunning or enmity from all. The Red Dragonmother Pyraxis is actively looking for them will ill intent.
    Originals hold high tech artifacts that are operational.

Dwarvesdnd races dwarf

There are 2 kinds of dwarves in the GDW dnd races, the Nadoo Dwarves and the Dwarves of the light.

  1. The Dwarves of light are organized in countries centered around commerce, the Duhiir Trade Company, the Conglomerate of Mythspel and the Commonwealth of Kin.
  2. Nadoo Dwarves can be found deep in the earth, in the ancestral kingdoms of dwarves, where they mine and craft metals and minerals of emense beauty and use, and on the surface only in the Mountains of the Koralian peninsula.


Elves are only found in the Lake. They are considered fantastical creatures of close relevance to the arrival of the Grey Dragon and the Great Healing.

Orcs and Halforcs

There are 2 kinds of Orcs that live the Grey Dragon World.

  1. Generic Orcs that live peacefully alongside half orcs in the Tribes of Irdi and the Tribes of Kosia,
  2. Orclords are a cryptic race that originate from the natural evolution of pre-tech apes. They are believed to be living in the Kosian peninsula.dnd races

Goblins, Hobgoblins and Owlbears

Goblins of this world are not considered evil. They are wrongly considered uncivilized though. They mostly live in the 3 Goblin Duchies of Snowstorm and Lostwindian and the leading GrandDuchy of Craglenia. They live peacefully with intergrated tribes of Hobgoblins and peacefully but separately with tribes of Bugbears.


Lizardmen almost exclusively can be found in their ancestral homes in the Duchy of Litlecia. They are the inspiration for the Goblin hierarchy of Duchies and take part in mixed royal ceremonies. Learn about their vegetarian sects before choosing a lizardman to play among other dnd races.

Catfolk and Tabaxidnd races

Majority Tabaxi cities and settlements can only be found in the Miausong Tetrarchy. Individual tabaxi families are widespread and appreciated in the most countries in the GDW.


The snakefolk have congregated in recent centuries north of the Duchies, in the Beylik of Ssirtsia, named after their first Queen.

Aarakocra and Kenku

Aarakocra and Kenku have long lived in the heights of the Cloud Feather Most Serene Republic. They are organized in communities that resemble Tibetan monasteries in the mountains and small villages in the plains.


Minotaurs, although considered on of the rare dnd races, in the GDW they are not. Minotaurs are found aboard their ships and within 1 mile from their ships throughout the Grey Dragon World. Their home country is the Tan Marches, a mysterious land that rumors never do it justice.


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