Ring of Pain Diminution

Ring of Pain Diminution 5e

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Ring of Pain Diminution

Wondrous item, rare 

This splendid ring of rubies and gold is inscribed with hidden ancient runes of comfort and solace.

When worn, the bearer of this ring will experience a decreased sensation of pain, though their wounds remain unchanged. The bearer of the ring can activate this effect by speaking the command word and concentrating for one minute.

While the ring is worn, the bearer gains a +2 bonus to Constitution saving throws and a -2 damage every turn that she receives damage.

When the Ring of Pain Diminution is taken off, the bearer must make a Constitution saving throw. On a success, the effects end. On a failure, the bearer, instantaneously, suffers all the hit points of damage absorbed by the ring, as necrotic damage.

Ring of Pain Diminution

Known Uses of the Ring of Pain Diminution

This ring was first seen in the hands of a failed assassin of the Empress of Koralia. As he lay defeated, he took off the ring and turned to dust as a result of a failed constitution check.

A woman named Mara also used this ring. She was a brave and fearless warrior, but she was often taken down by her enemies because of her lack of pain tolerance. Despite her best efforts, Mara often found herself too weak to carry on in the midst of battle.

One day, while on a quest to save her home, Mara was given in a dream a small, unassuming ring. She picked it up and realized it was inscribed with ancient runes of comfort and solace. Intrigued, she decided to put it on. Immediately, the pain she had been feeling melted away. Mara felt stronger and more powerful than ever.

She was able to fight off her enemies with ease, quickly and effectively. Mara soon realized that this mysterious ring allowed her to ignore her pain and focus on her goal. She wore the ring for the remainder of her journey and eventually completed her quest. Mara was forever thankful for the Ring of Pain Diminution, as it allowed her to finally realize her full potential as a warrior. She would often tell the story of her adventure to remind herself of the power of perseverance, no matter how much pain you are in.

It is said that Mara is still alive, 1200 years old.

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