lester iakinth iii the ointment herbalist man

Lester Iakinth III | Ointment Herbalist

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Lester Iakinth is a Kobold.

Lester Iakinth III | Ointment Herbalist | Grey Dragon World DnD World
Gandorothosial in the Lab.

Yes yes, he does not look the part, but that is mostly because of his experiments and general weirdness.

Since he was a very young Kobold, Lester loved plants. Abnormally so. Even if there were mines around, with perfectly good ore, he looked at plants and was mesmerized.  Soon he met his first Leaf Dragon, Gandorothosial. Gandorothosial taught Lester magic and became his familiar.

They have a loving, albeit platonic, relationship, that is unheard of between dragons and Kobolds.

But then again Lester is no normal Kobolt.

lester iakinth iii the ointment herbalist man

His scale skin was replaced by lettuce leaves when an experiment went wrong before he learned to use gloves. His feet changed to retractable roots when he was developing his first fertilizer. His entire body changed shape when he decided to focus on carrots… well you get the idea.

Lester is a lab rat. He produces ointments and salves for all kinds of uses, He is known for inventing the most potent scale growth ointments, the only working hair-grown salve that works on all areas (an adaptation of his scale ointment) and for making venom ointments for blades that are so potent they last for several strikes! See more in his Book of Ointments.

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