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FAQ for DMs ++

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Here I will answer every question you may have about copyright and privacy. 

I am a professional DM, can I use things found here?

Yes! I would love for you to link to this site as an inspiration, and I consider that an obligation of good manners on your part. I will not be “reminding” you of sharing/supporting especially if your game is private (not promoted on switch/youtube/Facebook etc).

Can I be inspired by this and make a world of my own?

Yes! Please include links to this site in the parts of your world that are inspired.

How can I support your work?

Aww, thank you! Sharing this site is enough. If this takes off I will add a Patreon for my coffees (the plural is literal, I do caffeine).

Will you use the things I comment/post/email here?

Yes! I love collaboration, even between strangers. Anything you post here may be used in the world. If you want you to be credited please mention it in the same comment/post/email/etc. you send your content. Please be supportive of other people’s copyright when you send things and include the source. Otherwise, I will assume you are the creator.

Who owns the copyright here?

Ok, this is a complex issue. Look into it on the detailed page, but know that I do my very best to accredit where I have to and use 4 kinds of copyright. 1) Things I made, 2) Things I paid to be able to use commercially, 3) Things that are free to use commercially, 4) Things “Wizards of the Coast” owns, and I am allowed to use because the content I provide is free. As of January 2023, I am erasing most of the Wotc stuff, renaming and adjusting until they become responsible industry leaders again.

May I publicly republish things here and make money from that?

Yes! But first, we must come to a written agreement with a cut for me or a charity of my choice. (Come with a proposal for me to sign and I will be happy!)

Privacy…. why? How? what?

I will not sell or give over any personal information you give me in private. The information posted publicly may continue to be public in the way you chose to share it. In our private communication, I assume you want anonymity unless you expressly tell me otherwise (explicitly in writing). If you want me to take down any online comment you made, you must assume the cost of that (for me to pay my developer to do it – as I do not have enough free time to do it myself).

I object!

If you have an objection please contact me on lambros@stravelakis.com and explain both your objection and the remedy you wish me apply. I want you to be happy with me! Bullying, gaslighting and threats will be dealt either legally or with silence (my choice).

I want to collaborate! How?

Wow!!! I love you! I would love to collaborate, visit me on Facebook and we will hit it off! (We will hash out an agreement – at this time I do not have further moneys to invest in this, but we can find something beneficial to both of us!)

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