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Orcs and Orclords

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Orclords were similarly intelligent apes that co-evolved with ancient humans.  Before the first human civilizations, humans worshiped Orclords as Gods.

In time civil war, complacency and lack of curiosity moved Orclords to second tier civilizations, and eventually to relative extinction. Although they are to believed to be extinct, the Kosia and Irdi Orc nations draw their legitimacy from being their descendants.

Modern day Orcs claim direct lineage from the Orclords, but they are also rumored to be descendants of generically engineered gladiators that were made to resemble the Ancient Orclords.  The exact truth is not known at present about this race.

There is a rumor of an Orclord Tribe in the border of the 2 Orc nations.

On top you can see what a modern Orc looks like, bellow is what an Orclord looks like.


orcs and orclords


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