Dog Folk dogfolk aranus of the bulls
Fictional portrait of a man with the head of an English bulldog made with Generative AI

Dogfolk in the Xtepian Khanates

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1 min read

In the immeasurable plains of Xtepia, where the land spans as far as the eye can see you can find the tribes of Dogfolk.

They are simple people that live off the land with a smile on their faces. Their faces are as diverse as canines’, as they have evolved through the magical mixing of dwarves and domesticated dogs.

You might see a tribe of 3 meter tall long haired long-snouted gangly pacifists or laud and fierce tiny 2-foot-tall hairless biters.

Pictured is the chieftain of a serious tribe of Dogfolk, Aranus of the Bulls. His daughter might be looking to leave the tribe and find adventure! See also the other more deadly dogfolk.

Dog Folk dogfolk aranus of the bulls


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