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Town Building pricelist for DnD | Pioneering 5e

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The south of the Khanate of Barbi is unclaimed territory! Town building there should be easy, and the Pioneer cost is low. Let’s see what it costs to make a profit in DnD 5e!

Rules and info for pioneers for the Southern parts of the Khanate of Barbi: (We are Beta testing this.)

  1. Overview
  2. The Feudal Contract
  3. The Khanate of Barbi
  4. Leadership and growing a pioneer population
  5. Building Your Pioneering Town (here)
  6. Picking the Perfect Plot for Your Town

Generic Building Pricelist

Each pioneering Building has a Base Cost (it is assumed you own the land). The Base Size cost is calculated per ten 5′ squares or 250 square feet:

Stone building per Base Size:

  • Basement: 100 gold coins
  • Ground Floor: 150 gold coins
  • 1st-2nd additional floors: 200 gold coins
  • 3rd-4th floors: 500 gold coins

Wooden Building per base size:

  • Basement: 80 gold coins
  • Ground Floor: 100 gold coins
  • 1st-2nd additional floors: 150 gold coins
  • 3rd-4th floors: 250 gold coins

Luxury level adjustments

  • Short-term construction -20%gp
  • Cheap and serviceable -10%
  • Well done and presentable –
  • Best countryside comforts +20%
  • City mediums-luxurious (glass windows, engravings, wall arts, architectural distinctiveness etc) +200-500%

The Breakdown on small town building

Labor. In most pioneering towns you need to provide accommodation and travel arrangements in addition to the cost of labor for town building. In normal conditions you need at least 1 Expert Supervisor (i.e. engineer, master carpenter, master mason) for every 20 workers, and an additional team of experts of different fields if you need more than 10 experts or if you are building underground, on a hillside, adjacent to a body of water, or other adverse condition.

  • Expert Supervisors: 5-20 gold coins per workday
  • Skilled Labor: 2 gold coins per workday
  • Unskilled Labor: 2 silver coins per workday

What are the 5e Building Material costs?Town Building pricelist for DnD | Pioneering 5e

  • Lumber Unit (cubic yard): 50 gold coins (+50% for weathering)
  • Logs Unit (3 items or cubic yard): 10 gold coins
  • Hewn stone blocks Unit (cubic yard): 100 gold coins (+50% for sanding)
  • Plinths (cubic yard): 150 gold coins

Note that Conditions of your pioneering town will change the pricing (add up all the conditions and then apply the %).

  • Ownership of forest or quarry: -40%
  • Close proximity to forest or quarry: -20%
  • Far from forest or quarry: +20%
  • Scarcity (ie. desert, high mountain): +50%

How can access to 5e Magic assist building?

  • Mending: -1% to all costs for all construction (1 magic user per 3 buildings max)
  • Mold Earth: -10% to all ground floor buildings, -20% for the first basement.
  • Stone wall: upto -75% for simple stone buildings
  • Stone shape: -10% on mainly stone building (and create amazing gargoyles and decorations)

Town Building contents

  • Magical Lab (1/2 Base Size per user) Additional cost: 300-1000 per user
    • Can accommodate one school of magic, or 1 type of magic item production (ie. common scrolls or uncommon rings).
  • Library (2 Base Sizes per Category) Additional cost: 700-5000 per category
    • Categories can be General or Local (for geography, geology, another science or any 5e proficiency), one school of magic, or one clerical domain.
  • Bedroom 50-400gp (en-suite +150-400gp)
  • Crafting area (2 Base Sizes per user) Additional cost: 300-1000 per user
    • Can accommodate one type of production.
  • More to come.

Pioneering Infrastructure


Roads are essential (existing and pioneering). Simple earthworks erode in a day’s heavy rainfall – especially in pioneer lands. The price list is for serviceable simple roads – check the additional costs too.

  • Packed earth: 10 gold coins per 100′ (10’wide)
  • Wooden Raised on stilts: 50 gold coins per 100′ (10’wide)
  • Stone paved: 50 gold coins per 100′ (10’wide)
  • Heavy duty +200%
  • +Beautified +50%
  • +Pavements +10% for each 5′ of pavement width.
  • +Good drainage +20%


Building bridges might be the center of life of your town. Bridges can be wooden or stone, and they can be wide or narrow, but the always span the entire length of the chasm/river.

The prerequisite to using this pricing is that the entire width of each coast at the point of the bridge is perpendicular to the bridge. Otherwise, add 100-300gp per 5′ of bridge width for additional supports.

  • Bridge 10-30′ long
    • Wooden 25gp per 10′ length multiplied by its width in 5′ increments (minimum 5′) (-20% within a mile of a forest)
    • Stone 100per 10′ length multiplied by its width in 5′ increments (minimum 10′) (-10% if within 1 mile of a quarry)
  • Bridge 31+
    • Wooden 50gp per 10′ length multiplied by its width in 5′ increments (minimum 5′) (-20% within a mile of a forest with 30′ tall trees)
    • Stone 400per 10′ length multiplied by its width in 5′ increments (minimum 10′) (-10% if within 1 mile of a quality quarry)
  • Type of bridge
    • Triple priced if sailboat can go underneath (ask your DM) (minimum 30′ length)
    • Double priced if short-boat can go underneath (ask your DM) (minimum 10′ length)
    • +500gp per 5’square that is Retractable/raised (only quality wood) * additional labor cost

Craftsman Shop and Workshop

Possible buildings: Smelter, Smith, Blacksmith, Brewer, Carpenter, Mason, Lumberyard, Hunter’s lodge, Bakery, Painter, Roadbuilder, Warehouse etc.

Refer to the building cost as needed- at least 500sq feet for the workshop and 250sq feet for the shop. On top of that include the following costs -DM approval for special projects and combos.

  • Short term (easily breakable) or apparent low-quality products: 0-100gp additional cost
  • Cheap and serviceable products: 500gp+
  •  Well done and presentable: 1000gp (possible addition to prices)
  • Best non-city production: 2000gp+ (at least 25% price increase to products)

Docks – soon to some

Prison – soon to some

Irrigation – soon to some

Reservoir – soon to some

Sanitation – soon to some

Military Town Building s

Town WallsTown Building pricelist for DnD | Pioneering 5e

  • Reinforced Stone Wall 20′ tall: 100 gold coins per 10′ length 5’wide (with allure)
  • Stone Wall 10’tall: 10 gold coins per 10′ length (1′ wide)
  • Lumber Wall 10’tall: 5 gold coins per 10′ length (1′ wide)
  • Log Wall 10’tall: 2 gold coins per 10′ length (1/5′ wide)
  • + Allure (wall walk): 5 gold coins per 10′ length (5′ wide)
  • + 10′ Height: +150% gold coins

Stables – soon to come

Armory – soon to some

Training Grounds – soon to some

90 / 100

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