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Session Zero as i do it! Try it, or just the best parts! 5e Gaming

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Hey there, Dungeon Master Extraordinaire! Buckle up for a session zero list that’ll make your D&D campaign as epic as a sandworm ride in Arrakis. We’re diving deep, but don’t worry, I’ll keep it snappy and fun.

1. Starting Level:
– Kick off at level 1. You know, the humble beginnings before your wizard can summon sandstorms or your rogue becomes a sneaky spice smuggler.

2. Rule Books:
– Stick to the classics – Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. At session zero I usaly add Tasha, Volo and Zanathar. No need to summon extra complications, like navigating a sandworm through traffic.

3. Booze and Potions:
– Keep it light on both. We want wizards casting spells, not trying to cast their stomach contents. Moderation is key, my friend.

4. Cellphones and Distractions:
– Magic is in the air, not in your phone. Keep distractions at bay. Unless someone’s casting “Summon Pizza,” phones are off during play.

5. Lights, Camera, Action?:
– Decide early: FoundryVTT or Theater of the Mind. Are you crafting a detailed sand landscape or letting imaginations run wild? Your call, oh wise one. Just let us know at session zero.

6. Taboo Topics and Trigger Warnings:
– No sand traps here. Discuss sensitive topics upfront, and establish boundaries. Respect each other’s limits like Paul respects the spice.

7. Cheating and PvP Shenanigans:
– Cheaters never prosper, and PvP should be a playful duel, not a blood feud. Keep it in check, just like navigating the intricacies of noble houses in Dune.

**8. Player Expectations and Types:
– Lay it out like a prophecy. Communicate player expectations and understand their types – are they the “Chosen One” or the sneaky backstabber?

9. Minmaxing and Unacceptable Behaviors:
– Minmaxing is cool, but balance is key. And unacceptable behaviors? Eject them faster than a Guild Navigator folds space. Anthing might be cools if okied at session zero.

10. DM Style and Lollygagging:
– Embrace your DM style, whether it’s benevolent like a sandworm shepherd or ruthless like a Harkonnen plot. And limit lollygagging; time is spice.

11. Spotlight Sharing and Murder Hobos:
– Share the limelight like a melange feast, and keep murder hobo tendencies in check. We’re aiming for heroes, not chaos incarnate.

12. Player Agency and Rule Debates:
– Player agency is sacred, like the spice. But if rule debates turn into a sandstorm, settle it swiftly and move on. Or have the session zero be the only one 🙂

13. Scheduling and Absences:
– Time is precious, just like diamonds. Respect schedules, but if someone’s absent, their character’s off chasing sand dunes or something.

14. Fade to Black and Custom Rules:
– Fade to black for sensitive scenes, and sprinkle custom rules like spice. Just enough to enhance the flavor without overpowering.

15. Inspiration Alternatives and Character Context:
– Mix up inspiration rewards. Maybe it’s not just about roleplaying; a killer strategy deserves some love too. And character context is key – know your Duncan Idaho from your Gurney Halleck.

16. Pets, RP vs. Battle, and Character Connections:
– Pets? Sure, but no sandworm-sized dragons. Balance RP and battles like a well-blended spice coffee, and encourage character connections like alliances between Great Houses.

There you go, O Master of the Dungeon, your Session zero is ready!

May your campaigns be as legendary as the tales of the Grey Dragon. Now, go forth and weave a tapestry more intricate than the plots within plots of the Wizardlanders!
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