Cube of Luxurious Comfort

Cube of Luxurious Comfort | DnD 5e Luxury Magical Item

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3 mins read

Hear ye, hear ye, my lords and ladies! Allow me to regale you with a tale of the wondrous “Cube of Luxurious Comfort”, a marvel of enchantment and sorcery that shall leave you breathless with its magnificence.

Behold, this mystical cube, crafted by the finest wizards and imbued with magic beyond mortal

Cube Of Luxurious Comfort
It turns Blue when cooling a room!

comprehension is the epitome of comfort and convenience. Its radiant glow, resplendent in hues of orange and blue, betrays the power that lies within.

With a mere flick of a finger, this enchanting cube shall warm your chambers with the gentle caress of its orange light, spreading a cozy embrace that shall soothe your weary bones and invigorate your soul. Or, should you desire a cool and refreshing respite from the heat of the day, the Cube of Luxurious Comfort shall shift its glow to a serene shade of blue, bathing you in a refreshing breeze that shall leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Truly, this magical cube is a boon to all who seek respite from the whims of the elements, and its wondrous powers shall leave you feeling like royalty, pampered and indulged beyond measure. So why wait, my lords and ladies? Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury, and let the Cube of Luxurious Comfort whisk you away to a world of enchantment and splendor!


Cube of Luxurious Comfort

Wonderous Item, Uncommon

This crystal cube is made by the original magic Elves of the Lake that was created by the introduction of magic.

Within 1-2 hours it turns the temperature of a room with closed doors and windows, to a temperature comfortable to be in.

It maintains this comfort indefinitely unless openings (windows/doors) are open for more than 5 minutes per hour.


Pikat, the Miausong Archon arranged the export of this item to the aristocracy of Waterdeep in the year 1493DR. It was priced as a rare item.

Cube Of Luxurious Comfort

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