Ghost Wife | Plot Hook for DnD 5e

Ghost Wife | Plot Hook for DnD 5e

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6 mins read

Sir Aliander and Lady Catarina (Ghost Wife)

In the vast kingdom of Lakoria, you find the noble knight Sir Aliander. He was once a gallant and brave knight who had led his comrades to numerous victories against monsters untold. However, one fateful day, he lost his beloved wife, Lady Catarina, in a tragic accident. The loss was so immense that Sir Aliander’s heart shattered into a million pieces, and his mind was never the same again.

Ghost Wife | Plot Hook For Dnd 5EAfter Lady Catarina’s death, Sir Aliander would spend most of his days in solitude, wandering the countryside with only his horse for company. Despite being surrounded by green meadows and rolling hills, the knight’s heart was forever consumed by grief, and his mind haunted by the sweet memories of his wife.


One day, as he was meandering through a dense forest, Sir Aliander found himself exhausted and decided to rest under a large oak tree. As he sat down on the grass, he closed his eyes, hoping to escape the burden of his thoughts, but instead, he saw the face of his wife.

He saw her smile, her laugh, and her gentle touch. He could feel her warm embrace, and in that moment, he was at peace. He believed that Lady Catarina was with him, watching over him, and guiding him on his path.


From that day on, Sir Aliander’s life took on a new meaning. Though he was still consumed by grief, he found solace in his wife’s tender existence, even if it was only in his mind. He continued to wander the countryside, his horse as his companion, andGhost Wife | Plot Hook For Dnd 5E Lady Catarina as his guide.

As he roamed the hills, he would often find himself sitting under the same tree, lost in thought. It was there that he felt closest to his wife, where he could imagine her sitting beside him, her hand in his, whispering words of love and comfort.

Plot Hooks

Familiarity and Magic

He is met by a powerful Elf Mage that takes pity on him and gifts him with a creature that is just like Lady Catarina (using “Find Familiar” in a new innovative and comforting way).

A Curse and the blessing of a ghost wife

Lady Catarina comes back from the dead, but because the emotions that brought her were only soul-crushing sadness, she only can feel this sadness. She outlives her knight in shining armor and seeks your help to lift her curse of everlasting sadness.  Releasing her might bring you the blessing of a ghost wife (another hook?).

Reality Kicks in

Sir Aliander knew that his wife was no longer alive, but his heart refused to accept it. He had found a way to keep her memory alive, and even though it was just a figment of his imagination, it was enough to bring him peace.

And so, the knight continued his journey, never forgetting the love he shared with his wife, and always feeling her presence by his side. Though he may have been lost in his own world, he was at peace, knowing that Lady Catarina was with him, in spirit if not in body. The ghost wife is free.

Ghost Wife | Plot Hook For Dnd 5E

Easter Egg: The red fabric he wears under his armor is made from her favorite dress.

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