Everything you find here in a 5e Foundry VTT Module! foundry vtt module

Everything you find here in a 5e Foundry VTT Module!

2 mins read
2 mins read

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

All persons having a Foundry VTT game are admonished to draw near, perk their pointy ears and give their attention for the news are developing!

The fun is about to dangerously erupt to a new and very digital way! We have started the process to create a Foundry VTT module that will include every creation of this site.

Let’s go back to my boom and make the future of this world, worldwide! We are about to engage a coder of great renown to make this for us! (Well he is a person, and a coder, and the best/top/only person offering to do this on Fiverr… and isn’t renown an objective thing?)

This will be an ongoing project, and a lot of work, so if you have any ideas on how you can support us in this please comment below. (Art/additional coding/incorporating in another module/other.)

Also, we will start with spells or magic items for our launch, which do you prefer?

Everything You Find Here In A 5E Foundry Vtt Module! Foundry Vtt Module

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