Wizardland | The Island

Wizardland | The Island

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The most influential independent state in the Grey Dragon World is Wizardland.  It was created as a no-land state long before the creation of the mystical island that now houses Wizardland, and has been controlling High Level Magics and magical item creation since time immemorial.

Magic users of every kind when they start using high level magics “must” become Wizardlanders. This is enforced in every country that is allowed to have a Wizard as a court advisor and or a magic item shop. All large states other than the Lake fall into this category.  Some city states enter and leave this arrangement with the passing of rulers, and the quality of the Wizard Advisor proposed by the Wizardlanders.

  • Court Advisor 
    • The court advisor is the ambassador of Wizardland as soon as he receives a permanent invitation to be present in all non private meetings in the throne room or other decision making location of the relevant capital.
    • He always has the relevant spells at the ready to communicate with Court advisors in other countries and the homeworld, making him an indispensable courtier in cases of tension or during negotiations.
    • He supervises the availability of items of the magic store and upgrades their variety and quantity the store in countries that enforce the “Wizardlander Invitations” and  follow Wizardlander advice.
    • He is never a native of the state he serves in nor any of its neighbors.
    • The position is coveted only if the state to be served provides immense amenities (Palace quarters or Wizard tower, access to the King, servants etc)
  • Magic Item shop
    • Magic weapons, and damage oriented items are never sold in these shops, and magic armor is never sold in states in war or close to war.
    • Most magic items sold have limitations
      • Have a expiration time – at the time of creation it is usually 100-200 years.
      • Have a total amount of charges that cannot be recharged.
      • Scrolls, potions and other single use items are sold at a variety the court advisor “absolute” discretion.
    • Items created before the limitations and items of non wizardlander origin are often bought and very rarely resold, always at a high premium.
  • Wizardlander Invitations are often similar to abductions of people that cast high level spells. The abduction almost always leads to a trip to Wizardland and indoctrination to the creeds and laws of the lands. One can be excepted from this if he provides evidence that he knows the laws, that he will follow them and is ready to take the relevant oaths. Notably Abasadia and the Lake natives are exempt from this rule.
  • Bastion Islands. Surrounding the main island of Wizardland are the defensive bastion islands of this country. Each such island supports all others and organizes the defense of its immediate waters. Each city provides the wherewithal for one bastion, and adopts the coloring of its bastion as its banner.  The wizardlanders have never been attacked, and the capabilities of these bastion remain a closely guarded secret, but every bastion is rumored to be beyond breach.
  • The featureless inlands. The huge distances between the cities of Wizardland are featureless flatlands of white limestone. Only straight roads between cities exist in this land , and road posts at each intersection. No trade posts, inns, taverns, towns etc exist inland.



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