nala the druid of the deserted forest

Nala, the Druid in the deserted forest | 5e Myth

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In a deserted forest, the ratfolk druid Nala cleansed the land of predators to protect her curious children.


One day, her thirteen kids encountered adventurers, sparking a friendship between species, where stories and wisdom were shared. The deserted forest became a haven, as harmony and magic blossomed within its enchanted boundaries.

The story in detail

In the heart of this sprawling woodland deep in the deserted South Barbi, there lived a wise and gentle ratfolk druid named Nala. With her thirteen curious children, she decided to settle in a once-deserted forest, desiring a safe haven where her offspring could roam freely without fear. But before her family could call it home, Nala knew she had to cleanse the forest of its lurking dangers.

Clearing the predators

Using her innate connection with nature, Nala embarked on a mission to rid the forest of small animal predators. She spoke with the owls, convincing them to seek their prey elsewhere, away from her precious children. She approached the foxes, appealing to their sense of balance in nature, and convinced them to find sustenance elsewhere as well. Lastly, she sought out the wolves, using her druidic powers to foster an understanding between them and the other creatures of the forest.

With patience and compassion, Nala nurtured harmony among the forest inhabitants. Over time, the forest flourished with renewed vitality, as the once-dangerous predators found new hunting grounds beyond the druid’s protective borders. Nala’s family, now free from harm, reveled in the beauty of their lush surroundings.

Meeting with strangers!

One day, as the children frolicked through the undergrowth, their playful energy led them beyond the familiar reaches of their forest. Unbeknownst to them, they stumbled upon a group of adventurers, clad in armor and laden with weapons. Intrigued by the sight, the children curiously approached the strangers.

Wide-eyed and filled with wonder, they studied the adventurers, their tiny forms buzzing with excitement. The adventurers, initially taken aback by the unexpected encounter, soon realized the innocence and genuine curiosity of the ratfolk children. They knelt down, allowing the children to explore their gear, their laughter filling the air.

Nala, sensing her children’s excitement, cautiously approached the scene. She beheld the adventurers, their faces beaming with warmth and acceptance. Gratitude swelled within her as she witnessed the enchanting connection forming between her family and these noble wanderers.

Recognizing the shared love for the forest, Nala and the adventurers struck up a conversation, exchanging stories and wisdom. The adventurers, amazed by the ratfolk’s knowledge and understanding of the natural world, offered their friendship and protection.

From that day forward, the adventurers would visit the forest regularly, bearing tales of distant lands and adventures, captivating the children’s imaginations. Nala, in turn, would share her ancient wisdom and druidic teachings, fostering a bond that transcended species.

And so, within the enchanted forest, the ratfolk druid’s family thrived, embraced by the harmony they had created. Together with their newfound friends, they discovered that true magic lay not only in the mystical realm but also in the beauty of unity, acceptance, and the enduring bonds forged through shared experiences.


Nala’s Statblock

Name:nala the druid of the deserted forest

Nala Pendrola

Race: Ratfolk
Class: Druid

Ability Scores:

– Strength: 10
– Dexterity: 14
– Constitution: 12
– Intelligence: 14
– Wisdom: 16
– Charisma: 10


– Animal Handling
– Nature
– Perception
– Survival
– Performance (Calming Song)


– Wild Shape: Nala can transform into various woodland creatures, such as a small rat or a squirrel, to navigate and interact with her surroundings.
– Circle of the Land (Forest): Nala draws her powers from the primal magic of the deserted forest, granting her enhanced abilities within woodland environments.
– Woodland Stride: Nala can move through natural difficult terrain without impediment.
– Nature’s Blessing: Nala has a deep connection with woodland rodents. She can call upon them using a calming song, soothing their fears and calming their spirits. This ability can help in diffusing tense situations and fostering harmony between creatures of the deserted forest.


As a druid, Nala can cast a variety of spells, drawing from the magic of nature. Her spell selection may include:
– Cantrips: Druidcraft, Guidance, Thorn Whip
– 1st Level: Cure Wounds, Entangle, Speak with Animals
– 2nd Level: Barkskin, Animal Messenger, Pass without Trace
– 3rd Level: Call Lightning, Plant Growth, Summon Lesser Demons


– Staff made from a sturdy branch adorned with leaves and delicate vines.
– Leather armor crafted to blend seamlessly with the forest environment.
– A pouch filled with various herbs and natural components for spellcasting.

Deserted Forest calming song,

combined with her druidic powers, allows her to maintain a harmonious balance within the forest, fostering a serene and tranquil atmosphere for the woodland rodents and all creatures that inhabit her beloved domain.

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