Individuals and Dividuals - The Gathering Council

Individuals and Dividuals – The Gathering Council

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3 mins read

In the vast tapestry of existence, beyond the celestial realms of gods and the wielders of formidable might, there resides a realm of supreme architects—the Creators.

The Individuals and the Dividuals.

Here, you’ll find the mysterious Individuals and the mystical Dividuals, cosmic entities with extraordinary power. Some, like Eru Iluvatar, Ao, and Chaos, played pivotal roles in shaping reality. Others are primordial beings with abilities beyond mortal understanding. Some travel the cosmos together, forming Dividual pairs or groups, while others stand alone in their immense power as Individuals.

In the cosmic governance, harmony and disharmony coexist. Law and chaos are intertwined, and good and evil complement each other within the Gathering Council. There’s no conflict or misunderstanding among its members, only absolute wisdom and knowledge.

In this celestial assembly, the Grey Dragon, an immortal and ever-growing dragon, takes its place. While not a founding member, it becomes an Individual tasked with implementing the Gathering Council’s decision to heal the Grey Dragon World. Despite a sort of demotion, it gains full discretion over matters in its world to restore its magic. More details about this world-changing mission can be found in the narrative of the world’s creation.

Rumors suggest that some warlocks with the “Great Old One” patron are connected to this council, forging pacts with its mysterious members—a subtle link between mortal seekers and the cosmic maneuvers of the Gathering Council.

More on the world creation here.

Special Mystical Knowledge

A far realm entity, living beyond time and space, was the perpetrator. At the time of creation, the entity, touched this world and something was undone. The magical reality of this world was altered in a fundamental way that has never been seen before. This entity, with its one of a kind curiosity, proved to be the most destructive entity and Dividual or Individual had ever envisioned.

Fear was not the answer, but extreme determination is what drove the sacrifice of the Grey Dragon.

(The special mystical knowledge was developed with critical input of Discord member “spyros_outdated”)

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