15 Small Creators Giving you Amazing Content for your Game!

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5 mins read

As a small creator, I understand very well the love expressed by publishing things for the wider public. These are a few more small creators you might like:

Honorable mentions

Jack the giant killer

Of Gods and Gamemasters, is a fellow oldtimer that produces high fantasy content that is worthy of the name “high fantasy”. (Youtube Twitter) See his Displacer Beast page here, he links to his Patreon, but the beast’s content is free.


Aelyrya Payne

An artist, photographer, writer, and world creator, soon to be a podcaster. I love the aesthetics of the site!!!

Daddy Rolled a 1

Immense library of content, I just read 1 to understand this “daddy”. It is a must-read, based on medieval military translated to dnd, read it here. I will be using this! (Twitter) 45 Small Creators Giving You Amazing Content For Your Game!

Gaming Ballistic

These people run an RSS for GURPS… I need a universal translator, but I found in their site this wonderful book!!! (Twitter)Small Creators Giving You Amazing Content For Your Game!

The Goblin’s Notebook

This is a very affordable, even free, notetaking tool for players and Dms alike. And I like! It is worth having a look and it will add to your fun!


This purple Canadian god is mostly active on Twitter@goosidore , his site is here.  No need to visit the site, but his Twitter is white-bearded and long-haired! He is creating a community with prompts to comment and lots of retweets! There is mention of Shandire… a place? I have to dig into his tweets!

Hatchlings Games

This is a creator that focuses on younger players. Anyone can appreciate the emphasis on the inclusion of sign language, but was I a hatchling I would definitely play within this playground!

Like Joan of Arc

Ok, now this gal looks like a ton of fun! I would love for her to be my DM!!! Her CV/life looks like one adventure after another, and she has appeared, several times, in the 3 black halflings podcast! Click here to see her 6 types of adventures! (Twitter)45 Small Creators Giving You Amazing Content For Your Game!

Martelo Schwarz

This guy gives out some of the best maps of Faerun I have ever seen (outside of WotC). Has an adventure of sale and a page to share other sharers 🙂 (Twitter)

Severed Sons

A dnd podcaster of sessions. Lots of fun to hear as background while ironing and/or folding 🙂


Apochromatic Unlimited

They publish the work of People Of Color . Check out their team, they are more colorful than the rainbow. More colorful than a fey rainbow during pride week! (Twitter)


This is an online magazine aimed at…. me! Geeky stuff galore! I was just reading Joe Ward’s interview.  (Twitter)


A portal for advancing ttrpgs for kids.  They help parents, teachers, camp leaders, kids, teens, and game creators come together to increase the fun!

Non DnD


This is an independent futuristic game, it is not dnd, but I could not avoid including this because of the blue 3-eyed merchant! Love the guy! (Twitter)

Mara of the League

A series of books calling on the 11yo Mara to defend her aunt from witch hunters. The writer lives in Main (get it?). (Twitter)


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