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10 New DM Ways to Make Your Dungeons and Dragons Gaming Unforgettable!

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10 New DM Dungeons & Dragons Tactics to Make Your Games Unforgettable

Are you a new DM? Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure with your friends? If so, then consider exploring the fantastic world of Dungeons & Dragons! With these 10 essential tactics, you can make your experience even more unforgettable as a dnd new dm guide.


10 New DM Ways to Make Your Dungeons and Dragons Gaming Unforgettable!

10 | Understand Your Characters’ Role and Mechanics.

One of the essential tactics for having a great Dungeons & Dragons experience is understanding your characters’ roles and mechanics. Knowing a character’s backstory, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as their special abilities, will allow you to integrate them to the fullest and have with them a much more exciting game. Make sure that you understand all the mechanics involved with your characters before you jump into combat or decision-making scenarios in order to make the most of your unique abilities. #1 will thank you for this

9 | Set Realistic Expectations, Out of Character and In-Game.

Before you even begin your campaign journey, it’s important to have realistic expectations in-game and out-of-character. All your players should understand what they’re getting into before the story begins. Communication is key here so that everyone involved understands the time commitment they’re making, as well as what’s at stake (not just in terms of gameplay but a personal investment). This also involves having realistic expectations for skill level and experiences each player has with Dungeons & Dragons. That way everyone can maximize their fun, safely. #1 will not be realized if this one is neglected.

8 | Help Your Players Develop an Interesting Storyline with Meaningful Conflict.

A great way to get your campaign going is to create a narrative with interesting, complex characters. Work with your players before you sit down to play. Their backstory is not just the “p.136 of the PHB background” skills and languages. It is their entry ticket to the world of adventure you will be weaving together!

This requires, you, the new DM to come up with a well-thought-out plot that challenges the player’s strategy skills, rewards their exploration and progress, and gives them opportunities for meaningful character development. Be sure to introduce compelling antagonists who present challenges worthy of your players’ attention. Set up tasks and events that quickly catch the player’s imagination and encourage them to explore the story further. Make sure there’s a purpose behind every event — progress in formulating this purpose will help your players stay engaged throughout each session.

So if a character is a generic fighter, you can encourage them to have a grandmother that was liberated from slavery. If now by chance their evil opponent is a slaver, then your player can really dig his death into that! Especially if he is a Dragonborn with sharp teeth!

7 | Collaborate with Fellow Players to Achieve Teamwork Goals.

To make your Dungeons & Dragons experience one to remember, it’s important to encourage teamwork between players. Encourage collaboration and communication —they should be able to share ideas and devise plans of attack together.  I use several tools for this.

  • new dm dungeons and dragonsGive time at least 1/month, if not after every game, to just sit around. We are geeks and nerds, and we looooove nerding out almost as much as geeking out about our favorite subjects!
  • Go into the video chat half an hour early, and announce it is time for chit chat.
  • Use a Facebook group (like this one) to share docs like a shared treasure list, in this page they can talk about things they want to face going forward, and abilities they have not used yet.
  • Encourage art from the players, draw or find “accurate” pics of their characters, use a free freepick account (I use a premium one) to share things with a flair

The best team-building activities involve puzzle-solving scenarios where each player provides a unique resource or skill which comes into play at a certain point in time. This encourages players to plan ahead and work together as a unit rather than in isolation, creating an environment that supports collective decision-making.

6 | Use Creative Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Techniques to Become a Better New DM!

Critical thinking and problem-solving are essential to success in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons. New DMs should strive to create situations that require the players to use these skills if they want to succeed. Ask them probing questions about what steps they should take, and how their resources can be used, then allow them the opportunity to form an answer and execute it. Using these tactics will make your table more immersive and memorable than ever before!

Also, you might find this to be really enjoyable! (a boon for #1)

5 | What is the Best Adventure For New DM s?

The best adventure for a new Dungeon Master (DM) depends on the preferences of the players, as well as their experience level. If you are looking for something classic and straightforward, then a module like Lost Mines of Phandelver from the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is a great choice. What is a good campaign for a first time DM?

Alternatively, if you and your players are turned off by the greed of WotC you could try an adventure like the 18 proposed/linked by Dice Cove or the 22 proposed/linked by DnD Tomb. Whatever adventure you choose, make sure to take time to plan out your sessions so that everyone can have an enjoyable gaming experience.

I also like to cannibalize ready-made adventures. Try it! Take one of the aforementioned and take only what you like, and combine it with what you like from another. It’s fun!

4 | Dungeons and Dragons DnD One-Shot for New DM DnD

Try to avoid this when you are starting up. Setting a time limit to your game might be a bit too much. If you are dead set on a one-shot, do a battle scene with its preamble and its aftermath. But in general, just start DMing and trust that will have fun (clue for  #1).

I am sure that a short campaign of 3-4 sessions is a better solution. It is a taste of what DnD is actually. DnD is not a game like Risk. You should not be able to put it out of your mind till you think of playing again. It is immersive. You think about the NPCs and your player all week, you plan on how to get that magical item, and this puzzle is figured out. Try DnD, you will like it!

3| How to Be a Great DM?

Don’t! Please do not try to be great.

Matt Mercer and Matt Colvil are great DMs. They have been DMing for ages, and they have dedicated teams of people supporting their great DMing. Just be your group’s DM and try to keep in mind #1!

2 | What do I need as a new DM?

Dice! colorful or metallic, lots of them, like a pouch of precious gems! Pen paper, maybe a laptop to organize yourself if you do not want to go old school. In general you do not need much. You could spend hundreds, even a couple of thousand… but it is not needed.

You might think you need books, but not really, everything is online and free. You just need time and friends. And Dice!!!

1 | Have Fun!

Ok I was teasing this one a lot, but   A Dungeon Master (DM) can have a great deal of fun while running a game.

Firstly, you get to create a unique and exciting world for your players to explore and inhabit. You also get to the pace of the story and add in your own ideas as well as the players’ suggestions, while shortening the time of the things that might be boring.

And most of all, DMs can take on different roles such as an antagonist that interacts with the players. This can be incredibly rewarding for you. Try the voice of a milf lawyer, or a brute. Then build the antagonist on that performance. Remember you are not Matt, so keep the voicing to just 1-2 characters in any session.

Did I forget the joy of creation??? No I did not! Create the special Comunistic flying broom that can only turn left, and give that to your players, or the little dragon that became a friend to a deformed Kobold. You are the new DM, just have fun!


And a bonus! (for you that kept on till the end!)

Prepare what benefits your game, and omit what does not benefit your fun:



91 / 100

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