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Gateway Tavern (Waterdeep Northern Village)

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The Waterdeep Tavern

Outside the city of Waterdeep just before the northern farm country, there is the Tavern of Gates.

As the sun casts its warm glow upon the rustic village of the north, the Green Dragon Tavern comes into view. The sound of hammers striking nails and saws slicing through wood fills the air as workers and a gnomish engineer bustle about, diligently constructing a new wing onto the right side of the establishment.

An elderly woman oversees their progress, her experienced eye ensuring that every detail is perfect.

Inside, the tavern is alive with activity. The sweet aroma of freshly cooked food and the rich scent of ale mingle together, tantalizing the senses. A few Waterdeep guards sit at a nearby table, their uniforms a stark contrast to the rough, earthy furnishings of the tavern. Hunting trophies decorate the walls and floors of the tavern.

The Actors

At the bar, Manina Brightcoin commands attention. Her stunning red dress and fiery hair are a vivid contrast to the warm wooden tones of the tavern, drawing the eye of all who pass by. Her presence adds a touch of glamour to the otherwise rustic scene.

The Green Dragon Tavern is a true gem, nestled within the quaint village and providing a haven for weary travelers and locals alike. Its lively atmosphere and charming rustic charm beckon visitors to stay awhile and indulge in its rustic splendor.

Brenda and Lady Brightcoin talk

Brenda, the owner of the Green Dragon Tavern, approaches Lady Brightcoin with a hopeful smile. “Lady Brightcoin, might I have a moment of your time?”

Manina Brightcoin looks up from her drink, her gaze curious. “Of course, Brenda. Is it time for our talk?”

“I need the funds to expand the tavern,” Brenda replies, her tone polite but firm. “The new wing will allow us to provide better accommodations for our guests and “your needs“.”

Lady Brightcoin’s eyes light up with interest. “I see,” she says in a sultry voice. “And how much funding do you require?”

Brenda names a large sum, and Lady Brightcoin raises an eyebrow. “That is a considerable amount,” she says with a hint of amusement. “But I suppose if the expansion is successful, it will pay for itself in time. And my terms acceptable then?”

“Yes, Lady Brightcoin,” Brenda replies, her voice resolute. “I believe they are.”

“And what of the rumors about a mysterious gate in the basement?” Lady Brightcoin asks, her eyes narrowing in intrigue.

Brenda’s expression darkens at the mention of the gate. “It’s nothing, just an old rumor, I will try to quash it” she responds in a flat, dismissive tone. “The basement is off-limits to customers, so there’s no need to concern yourself with it. But the guards on the other table… I think my husband blabed.”

Lady Brightcoin smiles slyly. “Oh, I will deal with the Waterdeep Guards, the mayor is coming,” she purrs. “I might have to pay the basement a visit and see for myself.”

Brenda stiffens at the suggestion, but nods politely. “Of course, Lady Brightcoin,” she says through gritted teeth. “If that’s what you wish.”

With a flick of her red hair, Lady Brightcoin finishes her drink and rises to leave. “I’ll be in touch about the funding,” she says with a grin. “And perhaps we’ll have a chance to discuss that mysterious gate further. ANd expend our agreement to exclusivity?”

As she departs, Brenda watches her go with a mixture of apprehension and fascination. There’s no telling what Lady Brightcoin might uncover if she delves too deep into the tavern’s secrets.

Your Visit

waterdeep tavern gate

The startled innkeeper almost got a heart attack upon viewing a team of 12 armed to-the-teeth soldiers. Soon he learned that in his basement cellar, a cross-world gate appeared. A gate to the Grey Dragon World. Specifically to the port city of Log, in Lakoria.

Below you can see the basics of this tavern – do not see the following content if you are not a DM!

Room prices fluctuate on the innkeeper’s (Gary) whip, from 5sp to 50gp

Food prices are reasonable and set by the innkeeper’s wife Brenda. (see below)

The entire building is being renovated with security measures and additions. The attached barn is to be a general store, and a new barn is being built in the courtyard. Also a high wall perimeter is being raised.

Local lords are about to attempt to commandeer the buildings. When our player characters come in the innkeeper is in a loud argument with his lawyer and the captain of the guard who is attempting to close down the business.

(If it is in the afternoon the patrons join in to shout their support for Garry.)

In the basement, on the far side of the cave created by the gate there are several boxes crates and parrels, pilled up.

A week after the opening of the gate Brenda has an understanding with Manina Brightcoin, the remnants of the temple of Wakeen, and the city guards of Waterdeep. Brenda is also renovating the entire estate with funds from Manina.

1-5 GP entrance fee is charged when going into the gate, and a tariff fee is charged when coming from the gate.

Foundry VTT maps

You can now import the tavern in your DnD game on Foundrty VTT.

Made in Dungeon Alchemist, for Foundry VTT. This is the How to import these files (Gdrive).

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