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Q | The Council of Druids

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The Q archipelago is a collection of 3 islands that is inhabited almost exclusively by druids. In its capital, Ghegzokh (see below), you can find anything and everything nature related for sale, and it is the only legal entry point to the country. (DnD 5e rules for Druids)

All druids are welcome to the main island. Entry to the 2 minor islands is strictly forbidden to nondruid, and druidic casters have to get an invitation to visit them.

The Qulian Council, was established to revive the rules of the Eco Empire, and they have been accumulating Eco rules, manifestoes, laws, histories and memorabilia for more than 120 years. Recently they have started funding expeditions to the Shaking Lands to retrieve “their past”.

This council of druids is a powerful and mysterious group of anonymous druids that rules over the magical port city and the Q island. The council is comprised of powerful druids from all over the world, and they are the primary lawmakers and decision-makers for the island. They are responsible for protecting Ghegzokh, ensuring the safety of its citizens, and maintaining the balance between magic and nature. The council is led by a nameless druid known as the Grand Druid, and the council is made up of druids from different backgrounds and specializations.

The council members are all highly skilled in the magical arts, and they have a deep understanding of the arcane laws of the city. They are also responsible for providing guidance and wisdom to all the druids of the world, and their decisions are respected and honored.

The country of the Q Council is considered a Magocracy.

Q | The Council of Druids | Grey Dragon World DnD World

Map of Ghegzokh – Capital of the Council of Druids


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