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Litlecia Duchy | Lizardfolk

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The Lizardfolk of the Grey Dragon World are almost extinct. The last vestige of their civilization can be found in the Pin peninsula. There, waring tribes have come to an understanding that the old ways of fighting until no enemy is left standing can be no more.

The “Truce” was signed in blood by the last 27 tribes and the two Litlecia Thrones were formed. Both thrones have to agree if war is to be declared. For Civil War to be declared both thrones have to agree and then be put to death in the ceremony that starts the civil war.

The Queen’s Throne is in Qeedak, and the position of queen is a hereditary position that is inherited by the closest female relative of the departing Queen that has at least 3 surviving female descendants.

The King’s Throne is in Sios. The King and his successor are elected every 10 years by all male Lizardfork that have passed the trial of maturity. Sios is also the pirating capital of lizardmen.

3 years ago both the King and the queen signed a treaty of support to the Goblin Dutchies to their east. This treaty is revisited when either a King or a Queen dies or is otherwise no longer in power. The exiled Duke Benefar is also a voice to be renowned with, and a promoter of vegetarianism.

Maps of the Litlecia Duchy | Lizardfolk

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