Eye of Enanor Eyes of Enanor Eyes of Enanor | 5e Government Magical Surveillance

Eyes of Enanor | 5e Government Magical Surveillance

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14 mins read

The Eyes of Enanor are the stuff of nightmares, haunting the skies of this high-fantasy world with their cold, metallic presence. Like unblinking sentinels of doom, they drift through the murky clouds, watching all below with their unfeeling, all-seeing lenses.

Eyes of Enanor | Government Magical Surveillance

These magical orbs are the ever-vigilant guardians of the Enanor Protectorate‘s secret justice system, the dark and twisted force that governs these northern lands. (This country is located north of the Lake.)

Their presence alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of all who dwell beneath their watchful gaze. With their ominous, unyielding form and their tireless vigilance, they embody the very essence of the oppressive regime that rules over Enanor. And woe betides any who would dare to challenge their authority, for the Eyes of Enanor see all, know all, and pass judgment with swift and terrible finality.Eyes Of Enanor | 5E Government Magical Surveillance

But rumor has it that their power extends far beyond mere surveillance. These floating orbs are possibly conduits of dark magic, able to transmit their altered findings to an unseen location where the biased enigmatic forces of the secret justice system await, ready to unleash their unfair wrath upon those who dare to defy their will.

The very thought of this unknown entity strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest souls, for the Eyes of Enanor are more than just tools of oppression; they are harbingers of a dark and terrible fate.

In this world of dungeons and dragons, where magic and mystery reign supreme, the Eyes of Enanor are a reminder that even the most fantastical of realms can be consumed by the darkest of forces. Their unyielding presence and their relentless pursuit of knowledge serve as a chilling reminder that the cost of dissent is steep indeed and that the true price of freedom may be more than anyone is willing to pay.

Their unrelenting surveillance has driven countless souls to flee the Protectorate, seeking refuge in lands where the reach of these magical orbs cannot touch them. The depopulation that has resulted from their presence is a testament to the fear and terror that they inspire, for few are brave enough to stand up to the oppressive regime that governs Enanor.

How they shape the Enanor society

As the population dwindles, so too does the once-thriving economy of the Protectorate. Investment has dried up, and those who remain are forced to eke out a meager existence in the shadow of the Eyes of Enanor. Shops and businesses have shuttered their doors, and the streets that were once bustling with life are now eerily silent.

The once-beautiful cities of Enanor have become ghost towns, their once-great spires, and towers now nothing more than empty monuments to a time when hope still lingered in the hearts of its people.

But perhaps the most insidious effect of the Eyes of Enanor is the silence that now reigns over the land. The people of Enanor are too afraid to speak out against the oppressive regime that rules over them, for they know that the Eyes of Enanor will hear them and that the consequences of dissent are dire indeed. The once-proud voices of the people have been silenced, replaced by a hushed whisper that speaks of nothing but fear and desperation.

And so the land of Enanor has become a desolate wasteland, its people cowering in the shadows and its once-great cities reduced to rubble. The Eyes of Enanor still float through the sky, their cold, unfeeling gaze roving over the empty streets and ruined buildings. They are the only witnesses to the horror that has befallen this once-proud land, the only reminder that even the most magical of realms can fall to darkness and despair.


Eyes of Enanor

Wondrous item, Legendary (require Attunement)

These magical eyes are floating, unblinking orbs made of cold, black metal. In recent years they are refurbished with cute colors and gold, but this is only a mundane overlay. They hover in the air and follow the commands of the user. Once activated, they roam the skies above the Protectorate of Enanor, gathering information and transmitting it to an unknown location that houses the secret justice system of the northern lands.


  • Sight Beyond Sight: The Eyes of Enanor have darkvision out to a range of 240 feet and true sight up to 60 feet. They can see through illusions and invisibility.
  • Unyielding Watchers: The Eyes of Enanor cannot be blinded, deafened, or otherwise incapacitated. They are immune to all forms of magical and non-magical attacks and can only be damaged by a targeted dispel magic or similar effect.
  • Transmit Information: Once per day, the user can activate the Eyes of Enanor to transmit all information they have gathered to the secret justice system of Enanor. The system then processes the information and takes appropriate action, which may include sending out agents to apprehend or eliminate targets.
  • Terrifying Presence: Whenever the Eyes of Enanor are active and in sight, all creatures within a 60-foot radius must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 20) or be frightened for 1 minute. They can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of their turns to try to end the effect.
  • Sentinel Guardians: The Eyes of Enanor can be commanded to guard a particular location or person, hovering in place until given a new command. They are always aware of anything that happens within 120 feet of them and will attack any creature that enters that space without permission from the user.

The effects of this Eye can be counteracted by spells or magical items like Private Sanctum. The use of these spells and magical items is heavily regulated in Enanor.

Cursed Item:

The Eyes of Enanor are cursed items. Once attuned, the user is compelled to serve the interests of the secret “justice” system of Enanor, regardless of their own beliefs or desires. They must transmit all information they gather to the system and follow any commands given to them, no matter how morally repugnant or self-destructive they may be.

If the user tries to resist or betray the system, the Eyes of Enanor will turn on them, attacking with deadly force until they are destroyed. After 1 year of attunement, the user can attune a second orb. If another year passes he can add a third orb.

Escaping the Orb as an operative

Only for CE, CN, CG, NG, LG and CG alignments.

The orbs will drain chaotic and/or good-aligned characters to the point of being able only to sustain themselves and use the orbs . Each day of use for these unfortunate users provides the ability to regain their faculties with a Wisdom DC save of 18. A successful save will bring both the realization of past actions and the ability to save with advantage on the next day.

If more than 7 days in a row are “Real” days the curse is broken and the user is not magically forced to serve the justice system. The operative attempt to physically escape the building he is held in. This freedom lasts a number of days equal to the lever or CR of the operator times the number of orbs he was controlling at the time of the defining last successful Save.

Eye Of Enanor Eyes Of Enanor

Center of Control

All Eyes have links to one or more of the Centers of Control of Enanor. You can now import the standardized basements that are these centers.

Made in Dungeon Alchemist, for Foundry VTT. This is the How to import these files (Gdrive). You can include these offices as basements of government buildings.

Eyes Of Enanor | 5E Government Magical Surveillance

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