Contribute | Become a writer or sponsor for DnD 5e

Contribute as a writer or sponsor for DnD World 5e

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Contribute as a writer or sponsor for DnD World 5e (Unofficial)


Thank you for being interested in contributing to the DnD World Project! The project is a love expression of mine (Lambros) and a hope for the creation of a team to work together in the fantasy RPG realm. But let us start simply. There are several ways you can contribute:

  1. Invent Spells* (to submit your spell use this link)
    1. We would love to see utilitarian spells that help people in their everyday life, like Mending.
    2. Low-level spells with complete descriptions that are short and clear would be appreciated even more.
  2. Invent Magical Items*
    1. Again, utility is very interesting for us.
    2. Avoid weapons unless utterly unique and/or combined with modern tech (but mainly magical)
  3. Contribute lore*
    1. Adventure hooks
    2. Local area histories – especially for remote and isolated areas
    3. Non-magical underground ideas
  4. Become a DM.**
  5. Become a sponsor or patron.**

Use this form to give us your creations (click the “I agree to the terms” to accept the terms below *). Don’t forget to press submit!

I will provide more ways to give assistance as time passes! High-tech geeks are preferred! Queer people are also preferred!

  • * Every input you give us must be your creation based on the understanding of the DnD 5e platform. You retain the copyright of everything you send us, and you give us a license in perpetuity to use your creation. If you do not have the legal rights to do this you are not allowed to give us anything other than links to interesting things. We will come into contact with the copyright holders as needed. If you want attribution you must include the exact attribution you prefer in the description of your creation.
  • ** Contact me for details by email or at Facebook.
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