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Abas | The Renegade Mage

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The ruler of Abasadia, if still alive!

Abas was and is the most formidable (both in English and in French) renegade mage of the world.

She is singlehandedly responsible for the creation of lands like Abasadia and the Wall of Ta. She used magic to rise earth out of the bottom of the sea and form land.

Some believe that the name “Abas” is something like an inherited title, but no! The original Abas is here and alive!

There are rumors that in the past she was a he, and that she gains and loses wrinkles and weight easily, but that is just what the haters say.

Abas Character sheet.

She owns an amazingly large library in Alatrelfe (the capital of Abasadia), and takes 20 apprentices every decade. Her spellbook includes most spells, and all Transmutation spells. She has variations of spells, and prefers using them.

The entrance to her half-secret lab is in this library! Map of the secret lab:

Abas | The Renegade Mage | Grey Dragon World DnD World

Note from the DM: This amazing battle map was made by AtaraxianBear   , you can support AtaraxianBear (and get modular maps like this one) on his Patreon page.


abas abachadia renegade mage


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