Phaerimm Warlock Subclass

Phaerimm Warlock Subclass

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Phaerimm Warlock Subclass:

Grey Dragon World Subclass


Warlocks who have made a pact with the powerful and malevolent beings known as Phaerimm, who are ancient arcane creatures that were imprisoned in the plane of Abeir-Toril long ago. These warlocks have gained access to the Phaerimm’s eldritch power, which is wild, and unstable because it is difficult to control with only two hands (Phaerimm have 4). Please note that while regular Phaerimm are CR 13, the ones that can become Patrons are CR 19.

Rules for the Phaerimm Warlock:

Warlock benefit progression:

At level 1: Arcane Instability, Imprisoned Knowledge

At level 6: Arcane Amplification

Ath level 10: Eldritch Overload

At level 14: Upcasting Mastery

At level 20: Repeat Overload

Expanded Spell List:

The Phaerimm subclass gets access to these spells, in addition to the warlock spell list. Because of the added level of magic mastery of their patrons, they get an expanded spell list for their Cantrips and their Mystic Arcanum choices.

Cantrip:  Encode Thoughts, Mold Earth

1st Level: Shield, Magic Missile

2nd Level: BlurArcanist’s Magic Aura

3rd Level: Lightning Bolt, Darklight

4th Level:  Stoneskin, Greater Invisibility

5th Level: Wall of Force, Telekinesis

6th Level: Chain Lightning, Globe of Invulnerability

7th Level: Reverse Gravity, Plane Shift

8th Level: Mind Blank, Demiplane

9th Level: Time Stop, Meteor Swarm


Arcane Instability

At 1st level, your Patron’s power is unstable, and you must be careful when using it. If you cast the Cantrip Eldritch Blast and you roll a 1 on the ranged spell attack roll, the spell backfires and instead you gain temporary hit points equal to your warlock level.


Imprisoned Knowledge

At 1st level, your pact with the Phaerimm grants you some access to their vast knowledge. If you have proficiency in the Arcana skill you gain specialization in Arcana (doubling the proficiency bonus for each Arcana check).


Arcane Amplification

At 6th level, your connection to the Phaerimm has grown stronger, allowing you to enhance your spells. When you cast a spell using a spell slot, you can choose to expend an additional spell slot. If you do, you automatically use the highest damage roll result possible (i.e. a 3d6 is automatically 18). You may use this again after the following dawn.


Eldritch Overload

Level 14. You have learned to channel your Patron’s raw power, allowing you to unleash a devastating attack. As an action, you can unleash a wave of arcane force that deals 10d10 force damage to creatures within a 50-foot radius (CON save for no damage). After Overloading, you gain 1 Level of Exhaustion. You may use this again after the following dawn.


Upcasting Mastery

Level 14. Your mastery of the Phaerimm’s power has reached its peak. When you cast a spell 1st to 5th level spell (using a Warlock spell slot) you can upcast it at 7th level (instead of 5th). If you do, the spell is cast as though it was cast using a 9th-level spell slot.


Repeat Overload

Level 20. You can now use your Eldritch Overload ability twice per day, be careful of the Exhaustion, it piles up!


3D STL proposed for the Patron (a hungry Large Phaerimm)


Phaerimm Warlock Subclass
The face of the first Phaerimm Warlock, after her death, was teleported to their prison and was stretched over the impregnable barrier, with accolades!


89 / 100

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