Book of Ointments by Lester Iakinth III

Book of Ointments by Lester Iakinth III

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This book of Ointments is the first ever book written by a Kobold and edited by a Dragon. It sounds weird, I know, but if you read about the writer, Lester, you will understand.

This book teaches an established herbalist how to make skin ointments and salves. It gives both the basics and a few very interesting examples.

Soon the appendix will be enriched with several more Ointments And Salves. (ask for your copy in the comments)

Recipe Appendix to the Book of Ointments

  • Ointment of Healing Poisoned wounds (gives advantage to poison saves, and heals 1d4 health points)
  • Salve of hair growth (you grow hair, can be applied to an edged implement and grow hair IN a would, making it a bleeding wound for 1hp/minute until cauterized by fire or acid.)
  • Ointment of scale growth (you grow scales in the areas you apply. Thin iridescent scales at first, and with several applications hard impenetrable AC13 scales! Even if you never had scales.)


75 / 100

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