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Abachadia | The Renegade Mages

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Abasadia or Abachadia started as an un-named island-refuge for renegade mages who did not want to be citizens of the Wizardland. Abas was is its most prominent mage, though she never held an official position.

Abas is considered to be more than a 2000 years old (at the moment of the Gate Age started) and a master user of the magics of creation and magics that are infused by the Breath of the Dragon.

North of Abasadia there is an grown archipelago. It is the casting ground of earth magics one of the most sought after magics in the Grey Dragon World.

The Abachadia mages are the creators of the Great Reef Barrier of Ta, and of several grown fortresses throughout the world.

Abachadia | The Renegade Mages | Grey Dragon World DnD World

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It is said that that Abas is no longer alive, and her name lives on as a title to the Official leader of Abachadia.

It is said that Abas is using magic that is infused by the blood of an elf.

It is said that the earth magics are so potent because of the use of fragments of the Shell of the Egg.

It is said that Ta is a formal ally.

Abas has no gender.

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