The Shiz Empire | Birthplace of Samurai 5e

The Shiz Empire | Birthplace of Samurai 5e

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The Shiz Empire is one of 2 Northern Human Empires. But the other one is not the Birthplace of Samurai. It is just Lududh.


Degadong – The Capital – Birthplace of Samurai

Degadong is the birthplace of  Samurai tradition. Samurai Castle is the seat of the Shiz empire and the Center of the highest learning of the Samurais. No Samurai general was ever invested before she or he had graduated the education of the Castle.

The Katana Garden is the heart of the Shiz empire. It is the place where Samurais of good standing retire. Some retire into blacksmithing, others into tutoring, but all take on a productive role in the city. Even Kitmarathi Tycat, the Miausong Archon is expected to retire here.

degadong city shiz empire samurai

Shiz empire northern humans birthplace of samurais

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