Tome of Inspired Luck

Tome of Inspired Luck

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1 min read

The Tome of Inspired Luck is a brass covered book is a magical tome made by the Brass dragonmother.

It was made as a present for her favorite bard storyteller, to help him get more and more stories for him to tell her.

Its owner may expend an inspiration point to get a wanted or useful boon decided or rolled by the DM.

It has 1-6 empty pages (1d6 rolled when first acquired).

Possible boons – roll 1d6:

  1. You draw a perfect map for an uncommon magical item that the PC wants
  2. You write a spell (1+1d4 level), the page disappears after it is used as a scroll in the presence of the writer.
  3. You write down a secret and the way to use it in a favorable way for your goals.
  4. You write down the location of an abandoned art object of great value (1d4*100gp).
  5. You draw and write down the full content of the monster manual of any one monster you have seen.
  6. You gain the benefits of a long rest.

Tome of Inspired Luck

67 / 100

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