Kitmarathi Tycat | Miausong Archon of the Armies Miausong Notables | The Tabaxi Tertarchy of Feline Bipeds

Kitmarathi Tycat | Miausong Archon of the Armies

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Tycat, before he became Archon of the Armies, was born into poverty, abandoned in a small fishing village by the Miausong Gulf. He was found by a kindly old fisherman who, despite his own meager means, took the small catlike creature in and cared for him as if he were his own child of Gejeon.

Despite the harshness of his upbringing, Tycat had a fiercely independent spirit and an inquisitive mind, quickly learning the ways of the fishermen and mastering the art of fishing. Before long, he had gained a reputation for being the most skilled fisherman in the village.

At the age of sixteen, Tycat was kidnapped by a jealous fisherman, sold into slavery, and forced to fight in the pit fighting tournaments. Despite his inexperience, Tycat was a natural fighter, quickly rising to the top of the tournament and gaining a reputation for being one of the most skilled combatants in the area. He was trained in the fighting arts of the Samurai of the  Empire.

He was soon hired by Pikat, a powerful lord as his personal bodyguard and, over the years, rose through the ranks to become the leader of the lord‘s armies. His prowess in battle and steadfast loyalty to his lord saw him appointed to Archon of the Armies when Picat became the Trade Archon of Miausong. He led Miausong’s forces to many victories, earning him the respect of both his Queen and the Sssirian Yuantees.

Tycat eventually became a symbol of strength, courage, and honor, and his name was known throughout the land. He was the first cat to be named worth of the Miausong in 2 generations. He is a highly respected figure, and his legacy is still growing today.

Kitmarathi Tycat | Miausong Archon of the Armies Miausong Notables | The Tabaxi Tertarchy of Feline Bipeds

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