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Xtepia is probably the largest country in Grey Dragon World. Its natives are human, but it is not unusual to find Elves and other races in the tribes and in the settlements. It is defined in three parts:

  • Xtepia Proper – the permanent settlements in the north coast
    • These cities are planned, with straight streets, regular open spaces, similar government buildings that operate often in walled gardens that resemble a flowery plain. Although they were built in the middle of marshlands, next to the river, they are built on solid stone made by the Abacadian wizard team.
  • Xtep-Prot the roaming capital – always in the Xtepia lands, but for the last years close to the southern coast to help organize the defense against the Kingdom of Lakoria.
    • It is divided in 2 halves, the Khan and the People. The Khan is always setup in the east and it includes the residence of the royals, and most administrative councils. The western part is called the People and it includes the guilds, embassies, and most other residents of the capital.
  • Xtepia lands – the undefined plains that the Xtep tribes roam in.
    • Most roaming tribes have a usual route that tends to half wild crops and keeps their herd well fed. The crops are usualy roots and cereals. The herds always include  an alpha steed, mares and at least one kind of food herd -goats, sheep, oxen etc.
    • The furthest to the south the roaming tribe is situated the more likely it is to have a wemic in their numbers. Such companions are not permanent members of the tribe, but they are treated as such.
    • The further to the north is is possible to find trading waggons.
    • There are tribes that are licensed by the Elves to move in and out of the Lake mountains, and they move in mostly straight lines from the Lake to the coastal cities, or to the capital.

Xtepia maps

Xtepia | Western Nomads | Grey Dragon World DnD World

Xtepia Proper

Xtepia | Western Nomads | Grey Dragon World DnD World



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