Quantum School Of Magic | Tech & Physics In DnD 5e

Quantum School of Magic | Technomancers in DnD 5e

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11 mins read

The School of Quantum is a New addition to the world of magic in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Blending the realms of advanced technology and arcane knowledge, the Quantum school embodies a unique fusion of cutting-edge scientific principles and traditional spellcasting.


Quantum Mages – Technomancers

Adherents of the Quantum school harness the power of ancient technology and Q-mechanics to manipulate even reality itself. They perceive the intricate interplay of subatomic particles and harness their energy to use ancient tools and weave spells that defy conventional limitations. While the principles behind their magic may seem bewildering, the Quantum Technomancers interpret these effects through the lens of magic and arcana, making it accessible to those familiar with traditional spellcasting.


The Quantum school specializes in a diverse range of spells that are infused with advanced technological effects. These spells allow practitioners to bend space and time, manipulate energy fields, and tap into the quantum fabric of reality. They are adept at channeling arcane energies to alter probabilities, enabling them to manipulate outcomes and control the unpredictable nature of chance.

Quantum Technomancers possess a deep understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the universe. They can summon miniature wormholes to transport objects across vast distances, create protective energy barriers that defy conventional laws of physics, and generate quantum entanglement to establish connections between individuals or objects.


In combat, Quantum Technomancers exhibit unparalleled versatility. They can manipulate gravity to alter the trajectory of projectiles, disrupt molecular bonds to disintegrate obstacles, and generate quantum fields that enhance their own physical and magical abilities. Their spells also enable them to harness the chaotic nature of quantum uncertainty, creating unpredictable effects that confound their adversaries.

Advanced Quantum Magics

As students of Quantum magic progress in their studies, they unlock the ability to breach the boundaries of reality even further. Advanced practitioners can breach the veil of alternate dimensions, gaining glimpses into parallel realities or drawing upon their energies to bolster their own spells. They can even manipulate the flow of time itself, allowing for limited temporal manipulation to alter the sequence of events.

Learning and Adopting

However, this kind of magic comes with its own challenges. The intricate knowledge and precise control required to manipulate q-energies demand intense focus and a sharp mind. Practitioners must also contend with the inherent instability of Q-effects, as missteps or overexertion can have unintended consequences. Mastery of the Quantum school requires not only intellectual prowess but also a keen sense of intuition and adaptability.

Magical Items

Magical items of this school of magic are easily described as items made by advanced technology. Lazer guns, Neuroagents, Vaccines, Mutant Splicing, Antigravity clothing, ICBMs, Nuclear Waste etc. You have disadvantage on Arcana rolls to understand Q-magic, unless you have special training. Identifying magics reveal all the abilities of the object but only the mechanics, not how and why.

In summary, the School of Quantum represents a revolutionary approach to magic in the world of D&D 5th Edition. By merging advanced technology and arcane knowledge, Technomancers wield a unique form of magic that allows them to manipulate the fabric of reality through the lens of q-mechanics. They possess the power to bend space, time, and probability, making them formidable allies and adversaries alike.

Quantum School Of Magic | Tech & Physics In DnD 5e technomancer

Wizard Subclass: Technomancer

(Quantum School)


Intelligence 16
Widom 14
Special: Casting may be severely limited by access to Technology Artifacts

As a Technomancer, your understanding of the Scientific and Technology Forces focuses on the manipulation and mastery of existing technological artifacts, blending them seamlessly with your arcane abilities. You excel at harnessing the latent power within these artifacts, unlocking their potential to achieve remarkable feats. The following features are granted to a Technomancer as they progress in their studies:

Technomancer’s Insight (1st Level):

You gain proficiency with Technomancer’s Tools, allowing you to identify, analyze, and interact with technological artifacts. Additionally, you can discern the magical properties and potential of such artifacts by spending 10 minutes examining them. (Equivalent to an enhanced Identify spell)

Technological Attunement (1st Level):

You can attune to one technological artifact at a time, treating it as a magical item for the purposes of attunement. While attuned, you gain special benefits based on the nature of the artifact, such as enhanced spellcasting, increased resistance to certain damage types, or improved mobility. The specific benefits are determined by the DM and should align with the rarity and nature of the artifact.

Technomancy Savant (2nd level)

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy a conjuration spell into your Spellbook is halved. you now can add spells to your book that you do not have access to their material components at the time of writing.

Energy Discharge (6th Level):

By expending a spell slot, you can unleash a surge of special energies from an attuned artifact. This energy manifests as a ranged spell attack, dealing fire, force or lightning damage (your choice) d6 to a target within range. The damage increases by+1 for each level you have in this class.

Techno-Bond (10th Level):

Your connection with attuned technological artifacts deepens, allowing you to integrate them into your very being. You gain resistance to damage types associated with your attuned artifact (e.g., fire resistance for a fire-based artifact). Additionally, you gain advantage on saving throws against effects that would target or affect your attuned artifact.

Quantum Flux (14th Level):

Your mastery over weird ancient energies reaches its pinnacle. As an action, you can expend a use of your spel slots create a localized quantum anomaly. This anomaly distorts the fabric of reality, granting you and your allies within a radius temporary hit points, advantage on attack rolls, and enhanced movement speed. The duration and potency of these effects increase with your level (+5 Temporary hit points and +5 movement in 14th level, double that at 18th level).

Note: The exact details and mechanics of technological artifacts should be worked out in collaboration with your Dungeon Master. They will determine the availability, properties, and limitations of these artifacts within the game world.

Remember, as a Technomancer, your focus lies in harnessing and manipulating the power of existing technological artifacts. Your ability to analyze, attune to, and utilize these artifacts will grant you unique advantages in battle and exploration, making you a master of merging technology and magic.

Quantum School Of Magic | Tech & Physics In DnD 5e technomancer

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